Hori fighting commander 4 on pc ki?

Has anyone been able to get a hori fighting commander 4 pad working with this on pc? 360ce did the job well enough for games in win 8.1 but doesn’t seem to be working correctly in win 10.

I use that pad for KI on PC using a link I got from this forum for XOutput.

That guide will help you set it up and it gets recognized as a 360 pad.

Hi Krevnok,

i use Xpadder and it works fine.


sadly xoutput doesn’t seem to play nice; “could not load file or assembly “SlimDX.dll” or one of its dependencies” even though the file is right there in the xoutput folder.

xpadder seems to load and i could map everything, the buttons show when pressed in xpadder but yet the controller still isn’t working in KI itself, is there some extra step?

edit: oop I see my mistake, xpadder will do the trick now (didn’t realize its purpose is to map controller to keyboard buttons)

so you manage it to Play the game via xpadder?

You need the SlimDX redistributables. Get them here: https://slimdx.org/download.php under "End User Runtime

The FGC4 works on KI PC with the Brook PS3/PS4 to Xbone converter too, in case that helps.

yes, but the diagnals don’t work so well, i think xouput should do the trick once i get it properly configured, thanks for the link raresleopard

Np. Give me a shout if you have trouble setting up the axis (causes auto movement).

The best way to get ps4 products on pc is jay2kings ds4 drivers from www.ds4windows.com i have a hori commander 4 in my atrox for xbox one and in ps4 mode on pc is how i got all 8 buttons to work with it.

Try that