Hori FC4 on KI Win 10

I want to know if anyone has this controller and is able to work it on KI for Win 10. I wish to use this controller of choice for this game.

Apparently they are working on drivers for them, but no release date yet. :frowning:

I see, much appreciated on the reply~!

Yeah, this. Too bad we can’t just use x360ce to emulate xinput like in all other games.

Got the tip on reddit to use xoutput for PS3/PS4 Fightsticks and it worked without any problems with my Mad Catz TE2

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You can try using the program JoyToKey.
So you can map your gamepad or arcade stick buttons to keyboard buttons.

Works for my fighting commander 3 gamepad.

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Tutorial… not made by me… but I have Hori FC4 and the tutorial is working flawless.