Hopes for the next Mortal Kombat (technical side)

  • New Animations:
    The animations in Netherrealm games are just bad.
    This is something that we can all agree on right?
    For those who don’t know what I’m talking about:
  • New Gore System:
    The gore system Mortal Kombat uses is ugly, but not in the “It’s so realistic it’s disgusting” way, but more like “it’s so unrealistic it’s just bad” way.
    In some cases, they don’t even make sense!
    MK could learn from games like DOOM 2016, Quake Champions and For Honor.

    There are also great fatalities but I’m focusing on the bad ones now.

  • 21:9 Support
    I know I say this every time some might be tired by it but I mean it.
    People have to stop thinking “21:9 doesn’t work with fighting games” you just see more of the stage and doesn’t hurt the game in any way.
    The only problem is that you can see outside the stage sometimes.
    Injustice 2 does this pretty well already but they could improve on the cinematic cutscenes using the whole screen.

What are things you hope for in the next Mortal Kombat on the technical side?
No characters, features or story!

At first, I was thinking the guy was being too critical of MK. Then, as I got further into the video, it all made sense. The weight of the blows, the core, the balance, why not much seemed to have the impact you would think it had. Things I had subconsciously noticed but never put much stock in. I had to agree with most if it.
I haven’t played much MK in a couple of years. This might be part of it. Seeing it explained was kind of nice.

My biggest change that I would like to see would be the combo system. It stops and stutters too much. There is hardly any fluidity, unless you’re in the middle of a combo and with a slight misstep, you get stuck in a lurch. Other games I play don’t seem to have this the same. Even if you don’t finish a combo up and leave yourself wide open to a counter or a nasty response, you don’t feel like you jerked to a stop. KI, DOA 5, Tekken 6+7, SoulCalibur II (last one I played), SF IV, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, even Double Dragon (the one on PSN). All of these had smoother combat; even when relying on combos, single strikes just flowed into the fight.

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You’re right, the combo system and the overall smoothness of the fights need to be improved too.

I just want a proper input buffer…

Theres nothing I hate more pressing a button and have nothing happen because I was 2 Frames too early.

I don’t even think NRS did it on purpose to make the game more hardcore or whatever… it just seemed like a careless oversight that happened… twice in a Row…

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