Homemade Gargos Statue | Inspired by Ultimate Source's Figures

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Just thought I’d share this here, and with the Killer Instinct figures essentially being discontinued, I decided to make Gargos. Because why not.

(I actually had to use the Practice Mode stage to get an accurate height of the characters. The figure itself is 8 inches tall plus the base, and 10 Inches tall if including the wings.)

This dude was a bit difficult to build, but I’m happy with the results. I also decided to show the process of how I did it, at least with some of the early stages.

I started with a handful of twist ties to shape the skeleton, I left the wings as stumps for now, and the arms would have to be tweaked to get his signature “Emperor/Default Stance” pose from the game. I also made sure it was of proper scale before I added any skin to him.

Now for the lower arms, I had to make the hands into hooks, then I’d slide them into the open slits on his forearms to make his arms crossed. (Sadly, I forgot to take a photo of the arms folded, but you get the idea.)

Next I applied some air-dry clay to form the rest of the mold. Using renders from both the game and google as a reference.

And for his wings, I originally was going to make them out of clay too, but no matter how thin I made it, they kept folding and crumbling apart. Plus it just didnt look as good as I wanted it to, so I just said “scrw it” and made a simple outline of his wings instead, again out of the twist ties, and later using paper as a substitute.

Close up shot of the face

Instinct Activated: "Stone Flesh!"

After finishing the wings, and painting him accordingly, I also build a small base, just like the Ultimate Source Figure’s stands, by making this one similar to the Astral Plain stage. But I’ve also superglued him onto the base itself, he can stand on his own surprisingly, but for scarcities sake, I just glued him onto the stand as is. He isn’t going anywhere anytime soon anyways.

View from behind the figure

And for a tiny extra, I did little cut-outs of both Izzik and Dretch to companion him, just to make it more complete. (Both range to about 2-3 inches.)

And there you have it, The Shadow Lord finally has his own figure, or at least a bootleg… its whatever you prefer. I was tempted to try something like Eyedol, Aganos, or even Omen, but we’ll have to wait and see. I just did this for fun, and its taken a while for me to focus on finishing it up.

(Had this thing stored in a box unfinished, since 2018…but at least now its finally completed.)

And to end it off, some screen shots with the actual figures…

  • "Die monster, you don’t belong in this world!"

  • "It was not by my hand I was once again given flesh…I was brought here by Humans to pay ME Tribute!"

Size Comparison to Jago and Fulgore

The Shadow Lord has Arrived!

My 2 Customs Side by Side

Killer Instinct Figures Complete + Extras (Complete-ish anyways…)

Death Walks Among You…



Excellent work friend! absolutely excellent work.

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This is some quality work! My lil bro used to make a lot of figures like this so I can totally understand what went behind this. Looks like you’ve got great potential and if you keep it up, you’ll only get so much better. Special mention for your drawings of Izzy and Dretch, they are just impeccable. I’d really love to see more of your work!
Here is a channel I think you’ll find helpful bc observation does magic:

Keep up the awesome work!


Even though I am not crazy at all about Gargos’ 2013 design, I still have to commend you for your terrific work. Awesome job, dude! :smiley:

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I rmeember that channel. I watched his Godzilla vs Kong vid its awesome!

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That’s an awesome channel! :smiley: I love his Godzilla, Deadpool, and Sub-Zero models. I would LOVE to see this guy make Fulgore, be it old or new.

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Exactly, he’s quite talented! My favourites are his anime ones, especially Dio and Jotaro and their stands The World and Star Platinum from JoJo’s Bizzare Adventures.
He does a huge variety of sculptures so I’ve found his videos to be a great tool for learning.

Same! I’d also looove to see him make the new Jago or even Shago.

Appriciate that man. Should’ve finished it sooner, but better late then never I suppose.

Honestly Im not really sure why I chose Gargos of all the characters, but when they revealed his trailer for the reboot, I just really dug the hellspawn/demonlord look they gave him. Granted had they actually made a proper figure, Im sure they’d choose a more dynamic stance for him, but there’s only a few choices to work with.

(I suppose maybe his portal punch pose? Even have a gimmick where his hands could be removable, and the portals could be placed around, making it look like the actual special move from the game, but that’s just my brain talking… either that or just his default crouching pose. That’d look sick on a desk.)

I’ve actually seen some of his videos before, mainly the SSJ Goku and Saitama ones, the dude has some awesome sculptures. but there was another Youtuber who does similar projects that I’ve also found prior, named Clay Makes.

some of his in particular that I found interesting, were of his ones for…

and maybe a little off topic, but still related to figure building, but the user “PaperPatriot” who makes paper action figures was also a little inspiring, as even the simplist of materials can be morphed into something cool.

Dude literally makes his own action figures with ridiculous levels of possibility and accuracy. He goes far beyond simple origami foldings.

Patriot’s Goku Model.

Granted this was well after I started the project, but many Youtubers like this do some wild stuff. I gotta give props where its due.

Had to include them somehow lol. Before I stored him in a box, I was considering making them into little statures as well, to connect to Gargo’s actual base (The astral grid would’ve lined up the pieces, having them stand side by side.) but I was short on time (Life stuff), so I just did a few scribbles instead.

While their projects all range from A+ to S tier, hopefully one day I can break out of the B-C tier phase, but sculpting is a very delicate process. Unlike sketching, it can be very time consuming just to get everything to look right, especially without the proper tools. Speaking as an amateur of course.

Straight up, if any of those guys started doing KI sculptures… I could only imagine how sick they’d look.

(Like one of Thunder, Mira or any of the retros… or especially if they did one where modern Tusk was sitting on a throne similar to Conan. with Warg-gram laying beside him like a King.)


One can only dream…

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I wasn’t at all impressed with his 2013 look, tbh, just because it looks like an even more generic and less interesting version of this from “Doom 1”:
I get Gargos is supposed to be the embodiment of evil and all, but there are so many interesting directions they could have taken with his design such as the fact that he was Jago’s Tiger Spirit, the more Lovecraftian route in connection with Spinal’s shield, or even taking a cue from Middle Eastern, Chinese, Tibetan or Japanese mythology. Ah well. At least the comics kind of alludes to his constantly changing shape and appearance.

That special in particular reminds me a LOT of a Spider-Man C/D-lister called “The Spot”, whose gimmick had involved creating portals from his body:


HELL YES to this! :smiley:

I’m guesssng these are more what you’re picturing to some extent? (Credit to their respective artists ofc)

by Rizza D Marco

by zeymar

For what its worth, the “Doom” connection is what I really liked about him, (Seeing how Mick Gordon did the soundtracks to both games, I thought it was a neat parallel.) but I could understand if its not for everyone.

I suppose for a sequel though, they could go even crazier with Gargos’ design. as you said,
the comics revealed he had yet another form, so who knows what he could evolve into next time.


To a certain extent yes, albeit bigger, buffer and scarier. Like, taking the idea of KI2 Gargos, but updating him, kind of like how DH had with Fulgore and Spinal, but adding some interesting features that kind of tell a story about him while preserving his look. I don’t mind the idea of his having tusks, but ideally I’d want players to be able to look at the character and go “Oh $hit, that’s Gargos, the Tiger Spirit”, or “f@ck, this guy is scary!”, kind of like how people recognize how the Rhedosaurus is distinct visually from Godzilla, even if they are essentially the same type of character.
I don’t mind his having an ape-like face, either, but I’d prefer it if the scare factor was dialed up to the nth degree. Something like this, but without the bug-like mandibles:


As he is in the game, he just looks like a horned nose-less ape with no sense of menace or presence.
I mean, this is Gargos, this scary boss character who has fought Eyedol and served as Jago’s master. I’d want him to be his own distinct character, someone who is distinct enough rather than just yet another demon character who borrows from M. Bison, Hades and the Spot. Like you’re playing against a god whose moves and features kind of connects with Jago and Omen in some way or another. I don’t mean like making him a clone character, but I mean like, having something that emphasizes his connection with those particular characters, albeit much more intense and scarier, as if what you saw with Jago and Omen are scraps of something much greater and deadlier, if that makes any sense. I think my big criticism of Gargos in terms of his moves is, there’s not really any connection whatsoever to those characters. I know it’s important that every character is distinct, but presumably, Gargos is the source of Jago and Omen’s abilities, so, one would expect to see at least some of their aspects in his character given how prevalent he has been for them both, especially for Jago, who he had ruthlessly betrayed.
Like, what would be scarier and deadlier than Jago’s endokuken or even Fulgore’s chest laser that’ll make you go “oh $hit, I do not want to mess with this guy, he’s bad news”?
I like Gargos’ turning into stone and becoming a kind of human hand grenade that gains him a free combo breaker and his using his wings, but I really kind of have been hoping for more than just Pain and Panic and using portals like a C-list cartoon character.

To a certain extent I actually found that design more interesting than his in-game look. I mean, yeah, it’s essentially Goro crossbred with Baraka with some demonic bat, but I find it a more intimidating and interesting look than what we ended up getting. But yeah, I hope a better design is given for him in the future.