Holy cow! Krang in TMNT 2 spot!

My life is complete…


I’m trying have high hopes for this movie but directed by MB says otherwise.

It can be cheesy as all get-out, I admit, but I grew up on this pepperoni, and I was intrigued once I saw Beebop and Rocksteady in the 1st trailer and knew Krang just had to make an appearance. Now that he is absolutely, 100% confirmed, I’m sold - I will see this film.


I liked the first film, this just looks better.

AGREED. The first movie in this series wasn’t necessarily a great movie, but it was a very fun one, and that’s all the incentive I need. Adding more classic characters into the mix just makes me want to see it even more. :’]


Almost the same sentiment. I know this movie isn’t going to be great, but Bebop and Rocksteady (Sheamus is playing one of them and most movies that cast wrestlers tend not to do too well, I’ve always liked Gary Anthony Williams though) look pretty good. Krang though, I’m amazed they kept it that close to the one from the cartoons. All that’s left is a slightly goofy Shredder and we have the original cast back. Will still see this film.

I’d didn’t like the first one. I just couldn’t get over the fact that Splinter got all his kung fu from a book. I’m not watching this sober, I can tell you that.

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Actually that didn’t bother me too bad I just wished there was more turtle action instead of Fox. As an 80’s kid who grew up with the cartoon my inner child is screaming hype. I just hope its nothing like the TF movies. Fingers crossed!

I’m stoked! I’ll have to have a TMNT marathon soon.

It’s hard to go to the theater sober for any movie. I would have been a lot colder and a lot less exited waiting in line for all those Harry Potter midnight premiers that’s for sure. :grin:

Michael Bay is not directing this movie. He’s producing it.


Oh I stand corrected. Maybe there is hope. :smiley:

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He didnt direct he first one either but it was very Bay-ish.

That said I find his movies (if not good) entertaining.

Tip of the iceberg, there. The only kinda good scene in the movie was in the elevator.


Apparently not good enough for me to remember, haha.

The first TMNT movie wasn’t that bad in my opinion…but I’m starting to see some typical tropes of Michael bay’s previous work starting to REALLY bleed into this.

I just saw Beebop, I’m not sure how I feel about that.