Holidays gift!


Hello. Congratulations to all the upcoming holidays! I’am the happy owner of the KI:DE for windows store. haven’t bought the game for a long time. because there was only version for win10. and “luck” , after the purchase in half a year, the version of STEAM was released. Unfortunately, winStore version owners were not allowed to play steam version. :frowning:
So … the essence of my post.
I ask the game developers to share “key” for the steam version of the game. In the name of all the New Year holidays. I agree to accept the fact that i have to go play from the beginning because transfer of saves between versions is also not provided. I am ready to remain without a game in winstor if it is required for making an exchange.
By the way … if someone from the owners has an extra key for Steam, I will gladly accept a gift. I am even ready to change my version to the steam version. :slight_smile:

And also question… when ki classic will available for winstore and steam? Hope all fan deserve this. :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, but why do you wanna trade win10 for steam version? It doesn’t even support crossplay with Xbox one version, if I’m not mistaken. Anyway, I don’t think it’s possible, but good luck.


I explained this in my post. But I repeat. The main reason is WINDOWS STORE and support ONLY Windows 10. Steam version support another OS’s.


Im curiously waiting for a response for this because i never saw anything like this before.