Holiday Skins and Gear

Hey all,

The holiday skins and gear, Sabrewulf’s reindeer antlers and nose, Orchid’s skin and Candy Cane sticks, and T.J.'s Santa beard; how do you unlock these?

I was told you simply need to “keep playing” and they’ll unlock automatically around the holidays, but that didn’t happen last year.

Is there a specific mode you need to play? Do you need to play a the specific characters?

Basically, what are the requirements to unlock?


Ooh, bad news- Those Christmas accessories seem to have been locked away in the digital KI vault, and unless you have a time machine, there isn’t any way to obtain this exclusive set at this time. Sorry about that, but enjoy this cool Glacius wallpaper instead! :christmas_tree:



Ha, I’ve seen that wallpaper before; it’s pretty good!

For the accessories, I know they came out during Season 2. Was there ever a way for PC players to unlock them, as the game only came to PC with Season 3.