Holiday Skins and Gear

Hey all,

The holiday skins and gear, Sabrewulf’s reindeer antlers and nose, Orchid’s skin and Candy Cane sticks, and T.J.'s Santa beard; how do you unlock these?

I was told you simply need to “keep playing” and they’ll unlock automatically around the holidays, but that didn’t happen last year.

Is there a specific mode you need to play? Do you need to play a the specific characters?

Basically, what are the requirements to unlock?


Ooh, bad news- Those Christmas accessories seem to have been locked away in the digital KI vault, and unless you have a time machine, there isn’t any way to obtain this exclusive set at this time. Sorry about that, but enjoy this cool Glacius wallpaper instead! :christmas_tree:



Ha, I’ve seen that wallpaper before; it’s pretty good!

For the accessories, I know they came out during Season 2. Was there ever a way for PC players to unlock them, as the game only came to PC with Season 3.

Here’s some. Any skin that said Found in Krypt before the requirement patch but says Found in Towers now Example: Cetrion’s Mangrove skin used to say Found in Krypt then it was changed to Towers and was a reward in a 3 Day Kodi nox tower platform

THAT is a phenomenal piece of Glacius art work - I LOVE that! :smiley:

Wrong game. We were talking about the Christmas-themed Gear in Killer Instinct. You’re talking about Gear in Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate.