Holiday Costumes and Accessories

I love that Orchid, TJ, and Wulf got some Christmas themed accessories/colours and wonder why we haven’t seen any more since. Are more holiday costumes/accessories still going to be released?

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Personally, I’d be more interested in additional accessory sets as a whole for characters, without needing to tie them to a holiday. While Orchid’s color is good, I really don’t like the TJ or Wulf accessories, or Orchid’s candy cane weapon.

More serious stuff for me!

Definetly. I was just thinking about the holiday ones since it seemed like we would get more. I would also love more colors and sets that are not themed.

I agree 100% with this and I think there should be more themed costumes for the characters.

  • Orchid holding turkey carving utensils instead of her escrima for Thanksgiving
  • Shadow Maya costume for Halloween
  • Skull mask for Omen for Día de Muertos
  • Viking Sadira for Leif Erikson Day

Some costumes thrown in before the release of season 3 would be a nice touch and keep people using certain characters until we get the batch of new ones.

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Jack-o-lantern head for Spinal?
Frankenstein head for Thunder?

Yes please.

Ugh, no. We’ve got enough silly accesories as it is.