Hoarder Achievement

I have about 45 or so unique items in my inventory and can not for the life of me find any new ones. I redid the stalker mission once for a transceiver but I don’t remember other specific items. I know I can get the Shadow Lord item, but even then that still wouldn’t be enough. Any tips on where to start hunting?

There are a few unique quests involving Maya:
-One of them is a Mira specific quest that nets you the Familial Blood item.
-The other can be acquired with either Mira or Kan-Ra: Temperance and Vengeance.

In addition, there are some more items that can be earned for The Hatchery quest: Wyvern-X and Security Codes. If you alter the way you do the quest, you can get both items rather than get the achievement.

I’ve completed the Hatchery achievement. How do you get to keep the Wyvern-X? I had no ides that was even possible.

Just don’t give it to the commander when you see him. You can hold onto it and hoard it for your next run. That way, when you complete another Hatchery run, you can keep your WX and have both items in your inventory.

I obtained Temperance and Vengeance with Kan-Ra but no blood from the 3 part Mira mission. Did I do something wrong?

Never mind. Fought her elsewhere and got to bite her. Cool! How do I keep the Wyvern from him and still get the codes? Or do I just go back to the Hatchery and not use the codes and get another Wyvern?

Just pick another dialogue option if you find the rebel commander. Giving him the Wyvern-X gets rid of it, obviously, but simply listening to him allows you to make off with it and have 2 Wyvern-X files in your inventory.

Just need one more. I could do the Hatchery quest, again, but I don’t want too, that’s too much for me.

I think I will rely on the shadow lord thing, do we know how that works ? Do I have to beat him in a specific way to unlock that item ?

Reaching a certain score is our current theory. If you survive for over 30 days, remove all his buffs, get something like 150 kills, it gives you the item once you’ve killed Gargos.
There’s a certain score you have to reach to earn it. Just what the minimum for that would be, I’m unsure.

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I got it on normal just by having 400k points, 20 something turns and 70 something kills. Didn’t even beat Gargos.


i did all of Mira specific quests i did not get the familial blood item or do i just need to keep trying to get it ?

You need Mira to be a second or third character. The quest won’t pop up if she’s your captain. You’ll see a quest called Irmá. In order to get Familial Blood…

Complete Irmá and bite Maya.

Irma quest popped up for me and Mira is my captain. Got the Familial Blood.

How do you get Temperance and Vengeance?

There are two ways I know of.
There’s a Follow-Up quest or Part 2 to Irmá, as well as a quest for Kan-Ra. Kill Maya and you’ll get the daggers.

Thanks! I will look for the follow up quest.

Hmmmm…During the part 2 follow up I fought Mimic Mira and it didn’t give me an option to fight Maya. Did I do something wrong?

Did you bite Maya? And are you sure the quest was called “Irmá 2/2”?
Also, in my experience the quest only works/happens if Mira is not your captain.

I bit maya and it gave me family blood or something like that.

I never got the option to choose whether or not to kill maya.

Ill run it througj again with mira as a sub, not captain.

Use Kan Ra to get Maya’s daggers.

As my captain or sub?