Hitbox Arcade? For KI

Anyone here use one? I have a brooks converter and I’ve been using my PS3/Xbox 360 Hitbox Arcade stick with KI and I’m not sure if I like it or not.

I’ve used the hitbox for MK, SF 4 and SF 5 and really like it. But it seems the directional inputs don’t correlate as well in KI as they do in the other fighters?

Anyone here using one with KI and feel the same? Like it better than a stick etc?

Just looking for feedback as I’m tempted to switch back to stick just for KI.


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I reckon @Blindgamer102 would be able to help with this, though I can’t myself.


I’m new to KI but not to fighters, i play on hitbox and with Ki I’ve noticed that down-forward input is NOT considered a quarter circle forward. The same goes for every situation other than quarter circle forward. hitbox was designed to decrease 3 frame inputs into 2 frame inputs but KI doesn’t work that way, (from what I’ve noticed). So if you’ve learned to only input “down, forward” instead of “down, down/forward,forward” than you might have a problem with hitbox and KI.

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dddaaaagg that sucks. I know street fighter definitely allows for straight d,f, p like the MK games explicitly let you do, so I was so used to playing those using a keyboard and have long considered getting a hitbox.

But if this is true about demanding a true quarter circle it doesn’t seem worth it to do hitbox/keyboard, you’d have to re-learn your finger timings. I bought a hori rap 5 just for this game i’m super glad i did the thing works flawlessly

So it would be D,D+F,F+P ?

edit: If this is just a KI thing, can we put it in the Fix list?

yes and its not a completely a bug. It can be intended by developers so players must input a minimum 3f input regardless of their periphery. This way hitboxes and whatever other weird stuff people play on don’t have advantages over other players. But it’s just a guess.

to be honest the hitbox was designed to “reduce” the imput strain and timing. Meaning that you can imput directions faster and “easier” I honestly don’t know timings on frames myself me being blind but i do notice on my hitbox if i am imputing things to quickly for example quarter circle back hk into HK to quarter circle back MK for kim i sometimes get a opener ender. Then again this could just be me but when i was playing on my razer atrox fightstick i did not run into this issue. I love my hitbox but i am not sure how i feel about using it with KI i am still testing it out with all the new characters and hoping to come to a conclusion soon.

Ok now at least I know I wasn’t going crazy. Not sure if I like the extra directional inputs needed with the hitbox.
Seems to really effect the dragon punch style inputs.

I can’t stand the fact that D, F + P isn’t a fireball motion in KI. I have missed inputs so many times because of this. After playing SF for years and years, its almost impossible to remove this muscle memory

I LOVE KI (its my fav fighter of all time!) and S3 is completely and totally incredible. I wish this input thing wasn’t a problem.

Yes I go to training mode and practice almost every day.