Hisako's Mother

I do not know if this is a True fact or not I am going off what I was told by a friend but he said Shin Hisako was Originally meant to be Hisako’s Mother To that I say that would have been ONE MILLION TIMES BETTER! the reason the character is just another Hisako is the whole reason I hate the character, I don’t care about gameplay I care about the character them self the whole Hisako is happy now and that stuff could have just been added to normal Hisako Bio’s or through a cutscene we didn’t need a whole character for it if we got Hisako’s Mother instead I actually would have liked the character so if this is a true fact and not made up all I can say who ever decided not to make it her mother and instead making it Hisako again is an idiot I don’t know who decided it but that’s what they are.

So just imagine she’s Hisako’s Mum, problem solved. Also, if she was the same game play wise it wouldn’t have made a blind bit of difference, she’d still be a ghost/kami with dark hair and a kimono, which is essentially still the dark haired spooky Japanese girl trope.

I’d be intrigued as to what your friend’s source is, however.


I just don’t like how its Just Hisako again If it was the Mother I would have had 0% problem with the character but because it is Hisako again it is now my least favourite character of them all.

It’s Orchid;)

I don’t understand why you felt this needed another thread, without any sort of background on Hisako’s mother, it’s just another “I hate Shin Hisako” noise thread, which there were several of here which seem to have been deleted now. Using words like “hate” and calling who came up with her concept “an idiot” is not a precursor to a constructive conversation on how you’d imagine Hisako’s mother to be.

it was more to show that if it was true Hisko’s Mother was originally meant to be a character and what my thought on that was


Like I said I was told by a friend that’s why I have been saying if its true not it is true some time a source is word of mouth and you can’t exactly link that now can you.

Well my friend said that the doctor who did Orchid’s lip implants was originally supposed to be a character, discuss.

(This is essentially what you did in the OP, there’s not a whole lot there to get a lively discussion going since we know very little about Hisako’s mother from a lore perspective and there’s little to no evidence to support the claim to begin with.)


well till the Dev’s have said I’m actually wrong I believe it I believe everything from people I trust endless the devs say otherwise

In that case the example I gave above is 100% true, I swear down.

Hey, did you know Aganos is actually already Hisako’s mother? Dev’s haven’t said that’s wrong so it must be true.


-_- maybe I should have said the thing I’m told has to be somewhat believable as well.

lol at this thread!


Absence of confirmation, regardless of how believable information is, does not mean something is true. She is not her mother, she is a version of Hisako that has let go of her anger. She exists in the same way that Jago-Shago-Omen exist. Enjoy the characters, and remember that no matter how much you care about lore, this is a game about monsters and humans and supernatural beings fighting on a level playing field, some suspension of disbelief is required.

The devs have stated before that KI is supposed to be a kinda "open up the toybox and have these action figures fight each other."
That being said, considering how I own more than 30 different variations of Optimus Prime, surely there’s room for 2 variations of Hisako to exist.

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I heard she was suppose to be Hisako’s Sister’s Dog’s Cousin’s Owner’s Roomate’s Neighbour… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: