Hisako vs Riptor Match Up Help

So I’ve been a Hisako player for awhile and I’ve noticed that probably the toughest match up that I’ve faced is against Riptor. I think I might have heard that Riptor is extremely tough for Hisako to fight.

Riptors speed is what gets to me when I face her as Hisako and the fire doesn’t help as well, since I can’t vengeance counter the fire attacks. In certain situations, Riptor just out right gets on me and I cannot get her off, causing insane pressure and stress for me.

Any advice and assistance would be appreciated!

There’s actually a full thread on this MU already. Long story short - it sucks. :unamused:

Hisako’s shadow counter won’t be useless in S3, so that should help the fight quite a bit. But for right now, it’s just really tough against Riptor.

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Oh I completely missed that, I apologize.