Hisako v Kan Ra / Aria

Hi looking for some advice on two match ups.

@STORM179 any advice on fighting Kan Ra?
What are some of Hisako’s best moves against Kan?

Same question but versus Aria. Is there a particular body that I should take out first?

Be patient, try to read and punish jump+back scarab with descent (even if not in time, will give you positioning), and generally just try to stay patient and pick your spots to go in. Once you’ve knocked him down, maul him into oblivion. To be honest I don’t really have great advice to give in the fight, because I basically never fight Kan-Ra. I just try to knock him down and then keep him there for as long as possible.

Against Aria, I think it’s worth paying special attention to swatting out assists where possible. Hisako can often punish both the bass and blade assists if you are in a pure neutral situation, and a lot of times I’ll take a hit from Aria to let me bat one of them out of the sky.

Most important body to take out is definitely booster though - its vortex is very potent against Hisako. Whatever resources it costs, kill booster when you finally land that sequence on it.

Her little 1-2-3 attack that lunges her forward, (dunno the move, I know the input, the Down>Forward>punch) can destroy the scarabs if you position properly. Just watch out for the command grab. IF they start to learn that you like to do this, they will in fact punish you and your left to try a new strategy.

I’m only telling you this because most Kan-Ra players won’t ever expect this.

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I actually strongly advise against using ORZ to clear scarabs. The move has a ton of recovery, is pokable in and between the swings (Kan’s bandage normals can’t be hit and will beat you clean), and generally avoidable by Kan-Ra. Just clear scarabs with HP or MP.

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Thank you both. I am having trouble with timing my attacks as most of the time I am blocking.

Yeah, the fight can be a bit rough. Once you finally get in though, Kan’s really got nothing to take the initiative back. Just make sure you don’t get thrown - that really messes with Hisako.