Hisako Tips

I need help using Hisako such as which openings I should use combos how to manage wrath meter and what Ender’s I should use I just want to main her.

@STORM179 Can help if you don’t mind me throwing your name out there

This is a good thread that kind of touches on some what you’re looking for @SolidGryphon374

Take a look at that thread, and then if you have further questions about something ask away and I’ll try to do my best to answer. At KI World Cup right now so don’t have a ton of time, but will definitely get to it sometime within the next few days. :thumbsup:

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Thanks dude

I just started playing again after a year and decided to learn hisako. I read the linked thread but am wondering if IG took out that Paul b option select? And best oki game off the qcb p ender? Not sure where to ask these lol. It’s a mess trying to get all this information when you don’t know what’s changed

As far as I know, Paul’s old meaty/parry OS still works. IG isn’t in the habit of taking out option selects for the heck of it.

-shrug- Really depends what you want to bait or punish. To shut down DP’s, TK heavy ORZ. To stop jump-outs, backdashes, or low blocking, TK light ORZ (basically an instant overhead). Meaty low to (guaranteed combo) punish jumpout attempts or lead into rekka->shadow influence mixup. To punish solid defense, raw meaty influence.

She has some safe jump setups that will work on the slower reversals in the game (Raam, Cinder, etc), but against most of the cast you don’t really need anything fancy to make someone’s life on knockdown absolutely suck.

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