Hisako: Season 2 or Season 3?

Just curious as to what other people think as to which season’s variation of Hisako they like best. Honestly I prefer season 2. To me, the slower tele was worth it for the low vengeance countering mids. I hate that I have to guess the guess, so to speak - I know they’re going to hit a button but which will be which etc. is pretty frustrating.

The improved hit box on air ORZ is… nice. I like crossing up DP’ers on their WU and having them whiff the DP. Not sure I like the fact that it’s random as far as frame advantage/disadvantage on block though, so I think I prefer the season 2 version.

The wrath change I prefer. There are some nifty resets/stagger combos you can do with it.

Possession being an unblockable as opposed to a grab (being treated like one, anyway) was of course preferable (duh), so in all honesty I do like the season 2 Hisako better. Any thoughts?

I like season 3 hisako even if I haven’t fully learned her counter and shadow orz potential

I like S2 Hisako; my Aganos could actually still beat her at high level play (which is kind of ironic really, since in S3 I can actually use s.pulverize to better effect)…

S2 Hisako was stronger defensively than this version due to the strength of low counter.

S3 Hisako is stronger offensively due to the faster wrath refill, adjusted air-ORZ trajectories, shadow air-ORZ, quicker teleport and teleport cancel, and flipout capabilities.

You can kind of take your pick on which version you prefer, but I think S3 Hisako is more dangerous. S2 counter was pretty degenerate so she was a lot better defensively, but she’s got an insane array of resets and mixup potential in her current form. More importantly, a lot of her knockdown pressure now can be styled to completely nullify invincible reversals, while still managing to catch other escape options like backdashes and keep momentum if it gets blocked.

It’s not random. Light air-ORZ is -2, while medium and heavy versions are 0 on block. The S2 versions were plus (which is incredible when you think about it), but I think the adjusted trajectories makes them better in this season. They’re a lot more versatile on knockdown than they used to be, and because of the wrath change you’re a lot more likely to get the counter-hit recap than you were in S2. The less advantageous nature of them also provide a neat little tick throw opportunity, where Hisako now gets to punish people for trying to take their turn back after they block one of these.

While it can’t really be argued that possession is a better move now than when it beat throw-invincible moves, I don’t think this particular change has too much of an effect on her offense overall. Possession’s “special status” really only came into play in a couple of MU’s, and in general Hisako has good oki options on those characters anyway. It was nice to have, but it doesn’t really matter all that much IMO given her strength on knockdown in S3.

If you hit someone with just the tip of air ORZ (say, really high up and they block it) the stun doesn’t last long enough for the tick and you can end up getting hit out. I liked the fact that it was plus to the point that it was consistent, not necessarily because it was advantageous. Just not random in certain circumstances.

The move was always less advantageous the higher up you hit with it - that “random” part was always there. You could get punished even in S2 if you hit it too high up; the ceiling for that was just a bit higher because of the positive frames. I think it’s better that you actually have to aim your air-ORZ’s now. You shouldn’t just be able to randomly toss out hitboxes at crazy angles and say “hold these plus frames.” I like that the player is forced to be more meticulous about where they place their moves - it makes the game more thoughtful.

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i start training myself to tick throw off blocked TK ORZ. ive eaten many grabs i couldve countered with her influence otherwise and then reset them back to the guessing game. HP TK ORZ is so good, ive stuffed many people’s wake up options with it these days. if they’re expecting it, here comes influence and then they’re back to guessing. lol

While I’m no professional and you have always beat me handily with your Hisako in either season, I have to agree with this wholeheartedly. I have had a LOT more trouble against Hisako in Season 3 than I did during all of Season 2.

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Season 3. And I don’t think it’s close. The wrath refill really helps.

I want my infinite back. That’s all I care about lol

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