Hisako Safe Jump Tech Thead

I’m pretty sure OP didn’t open the thread to hash out lexical or conceptual semantics. I think OP started the thread to catalog Hisako safe-jump setups.

Pretty sure I (and others) have already said that it’s a very specific term for a very specific setup. :confused: A good safe jump setup will work on anyone in the cast with the exception of Hisako, simply because her counter comes out instantly (frame zero) and will therefore catch any attempt to meaty her.

But as @marbledecker has said, the topic has begun to digress. We know what OP is referring to, and there’s not really any point in quibbling over the semantics of the term. It’s called a safe jump, that’s what it is, and if you don’t agree then please feel free to try to press buttons when someone hits you with one. I’m sure they will appreciate the attempt. :smirk:

@Marbledecker I’m actually more consistently free on weekdays - kind of in and out during the weekend. I’ll add you on Live and we can just play it by ear. Shoot me an invite if you see me on and we can just go into exhibition and try some stuff out. If you want to test safe jumps out solo, it’s best to find the setup you want, set the practice dummy to perform it, and then have the dummy hit you with it and see what you’re allowed to do. It’s certainly not ideal, but it’s probably the best way to lab it out on your own.

Sounds great sir! I’ll see what I can drum up this weekend and maybe some time next week we can compare/correct/create :smile:

If you show me a video of you using d+HP to escape the set up I will buy you an xbox elite controller. And safe jumps are preformed often, haven’t you ever fought a Thunder? They abuse the heck out of safe jumps.


I WAS a Thunder!

…and I don’t have to - my previous post already explained everything.

Once again, thank you @Samish02 for creating this thread and being curious about Hisako safe-jump setups! I’m really looking forward to seeing what we can work out!

Yeah, not every character can be safe jumped. Sabrewulf can, though, so my “this is 100% safe” was in the context of vs. Sabrewulf.

Yes, in general, jumps are not safe (if you are both in neutral). The term “safe jump” applies to a very specific knockdown setup; you go into training mode and figure out a particular timing such that your jump hits very low to the ground exactly as the opponent gets up from knockdown. In my video above, you’ll see that Orchid does a back throw, whiffs a low LK (for timing purposes), and then jumps and presses j.HK. All three timings were the same… this was not a “random” timing that was attempted on the fly, but a person went into training mode and labbed this up until they knew it would always work. Sabrewulf tried a bunch of stuff to get out of it, and none of it worked. His only option is to block the jumping attack.

I think it’s 7+1 or 8+1 frames, yes (somewhere in that ballpark). It’s very fast after the super freeze, but kinda slow before it, at least compared to other reversals. But it’s invincible the entire time, and this attack being slow-ish doesn’t really matter in most matches, except against safe jumps.

Sorry for derailing the thread further. I’ll let it get back to its intended purpose now. If you’re still curious about what a safe jump is or how it works, you can contact me via PM, Geek.

okay, I thought you was talking for every character. My bad :slight_smile:

Okay now that you guys all agreed to what a safe jump is lol I think we can go back on the subject. @STORM179 could you record that safe jump on Sabrewulf and the Mix up with Jago. I’ll edit the OP.

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It is laborious but you can look for safe jump setups solo by setting Hisako as the opponent and recording the setup then playing it back and trying out different wakeup options as the character you are trying to safe jump against.

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Thanks Bane. I definitely plan on doing so, and hopefully @STORM179 and myself will get some time to wok on this in the near future. :grinning:

Yeah this is what I was planning to do. But as @STORM179 already has one it would be nice if he could show it to us.

Si did you guys find anything during that training session @Marbledecker ?

Doing it today. Will let you know.

Could you also record the one against sabre and the air orz cross up ?

We’re definitely going to need more time. An interesting wrinkle in this proposition is that the Influence-ender level causes the knockdown time to differ. This means that each ender level would need its own specific set of conditions. So we need more time to kick this around in the lab before we can present something we’d feel confident in.

Pretty much what @Marbledecker said. While I’m still fairly confident that Hisako can safe jump off every level of influence, the variant timings means we will need at least 4 different safe jump timings.

You have a decent amount of time to prepare for your jump-in (which is why I think safe jumps are possible), but from what we saw the timings for some of them might not be easily reproduced. Meaty timings are relatively easy to do off all the jump-ins (slight walk forward on a lvl 1, full step on a level 4), but getting the jump to be both meaty and safe is pretty strict, and without a good timing mechanism it will remain possible to miss that window. I’m going to go into practice again today, but I’m no longer confident that I’ll be able to find a consistent “timer” for all of her jumps. I’ve played her long enough that I can do some of them by “feel”, but that’s obviously not a good way to go about this.

The deep meaty cross-up you asked about is very simple however. After a level 4 influence ender, simply hold forward. Once Hisako takes one (slow, lumbering) step, jump forward and press HK. This will land a super-deep meaty cross-up on pretty much the entire cast. Again, hold forward and jump once you see Hisako’s walking foot hit the ground to get this setup. Be advised however that at lower ender levels the timing of this will not be meaty, and no version of this setup is a safe jump. At level 4, safe jump timing is at roughly half a step, perhaps a little past that.

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Played a long set last night, and found that the “take one step” setup for the deep meaty cross-up works on level 3 as well.

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