Hisako S3 change predictions?

What kind of changes to hisakos gameplay do think we’ll get to see? What would you guys as fellow Hisako enthusiasts like to see done? I’d like to see another shadow move, and a reduction in cost for the use of her wrath.

A functional backdash :smiley:

I can’t think of a single thing I would change.

I’m pretty happy with her overall to be honest. I wouldn’t mind a new shadow move though.

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Again: a functional backdash :smiley:

Does she not have invincibility on her backdash from the first frame? I do remember getting throw out during the startup of her backdash. If that’s indeed the case, then yes, a functional backdash would be good. :slight_smile:

Her backdash has the standard number of invincibility frames. So does Aganos’. That doesn’t stop either of their backdashes from being useless.

The problem isn’t in the invincibility, it’s in how shallow they are and how slow. Hisako’s backdash has a LOT of recovery. I’ve backdashed unblockables on wakeup and still gotten hit by the opponent’s follow-up normal. Why does my backdash recover slower than a missed unblockable? :open_mouth: Maybe I shouldn’t be able to punish it, but I sure as heck shouldn’t be getting tagged by follow up normals before I can get away.


I agree. That backdash has gotten me bopped quite a few times. If she got a buff for that, and maybe a shadow dp (or just a standard dp) for her wake up, I’d be content. She has good tools, but she is still a little more vulnerable than most cast members in my opinion. But then again maybe I’m not using my head here :confused: lol

Eh…she’s not more vulnerable than most of the cast to be honest, not really. Her counters are actually fantastic wakeup options, better than what a lot of the cast has available to them anyway. Her issue is more that her options don’t cover for multiple things, so you’re constantly trying to guess correctly in what you should do on knockdown. An invincible reversal (particularly if meterless) I think would be way too powerful - Hisako can already counter any physical attack into full combo, command grab through any throw, or simply AA a neutral jump attempt. Having to choose between all those options is what helps to balance her out.

She certainly doesn’t have one of the better wakeup games in the cast, but there are characters with even worse options than hers too. A better backdash might still be relatively fair - an invincible reversal I think would probably be a bridge too far.

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Well said man! Now that you’ve shed some light on it, I can clearly see why some consider her to bottom tier. Her weakness is the guessing game on wake up! Unfortunately, I don’t think anything can fix that except luck, or downloading your opponent rather quickly

Too bad most throws have more range than her command grab though

Lol. Yeah, her command grabs are pretty stubby, but there’s really only a few characters who can really make good use of that. Most throws tend to happen at point blank range unless you’re fighting Aganos, Glacius, or Wulf on occasion.

I personally do not believe she’s bottom tier - I think she falls pretty squarely into the middle. Hisako’s really unique in that, quite frankly, she can beat (I’m talking absolutely crush) almost anyone in the cast if she has a solid read on them. The flipside is that she does have to have a solid read on them, otherwise she struggles. Developing a solid read on an opponent quickly is absolutely essential to anyone who wants to play Hisako well, but once you get to that point I think she goes even with just about everyone in the cast. You get used to kind of training people to approach the way you want them to, and then you punish that approach :slightly_smiling:

I guess exhibition and my hisako are gonna be friends for a looooooong time! Lol. I gotta learn every aspect of how she can be approached and how to condition people before I really start getting good

Haha. I’d actually recommend Ranked for that - it’s really important that you get used to learning how to identify and deal with a variety of gametypes, playstyles, and different characters. Some players will utterly disrespect your ability to counter, some will have entirely too much respect. Some people will try to wakeup DP all the time, others will backdash, and others will try to jump out of every knockdown. In ranked you’re forced to be quicker to identify the playstyle, because you’re only getting one or two matches in which to download your opponent. Longer sets tend to set you up against the player, which, while a good skill (and Hisako is particularly good at it - one of the few characters who gets stronger across a long set), isn’t super critical (IMO) to being proficient with her. It’s not necessarily critical that you get a perfect read on your opponent - it’s critical that you’re able to quickly get a decent read on them. I personally think Ranked is better for developing that skill.

If you’d like we can play a long set sometime. You can either use your Hisako or not (Hisako mirrors are…interesting), but it should give you some idea of how the character wants to assert her will over the opponent. Would also probably be helpful in learning what some of her setups and options on oki are.

Welcome to the club :smiley:

Dude your awesome! I would totally love to see a pro in action, and the fact that your willing to give me some tips is amazing as well!! Anytime your down I am man. Even tonight if your available!

Haha. Definitely not a pro, but one of the better Hisako’s on the forums I’m pretty sure. We can run a set now if you’re available. My GT is same as my name on here. Just shoot me an invite and I’ll hop on for a few.

So true.

Btw, Isn’t her backdash chosen to not let Hisako run away by design? That is ‘purposely useless’?

I just started learning her again (after mindless grinding her to lvl 20 months ago)…

Absolutely. Her terribad backdash is very much intentional. Doesn’t mean I can’t hope and pray that it be traded in for a halfway decent one in S3 :slightly_smiling:

Well, no changes to her backdash…

I came up with something I would have liked to have seen being changed:
Her shadow possession ender serves no purpose and is not worth the meter… or am I missing something here?

No, you’re generally correct. It’s only real benefit is that it gives you a guaranteed setup equivalent to a level 4 influence ender, regardless of what level of combo you end with. So it’s a setup ender that lets you use Hisako’s best/most consistent mixup options even if the combo was only a level 1 or something. So yeah, she generally has better ways to use her meter.

I wasn’t really expecting any changes to the backdash. It was nice to dream though :slightly_smiling:

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