Hisako Option Select Thread

Hi guys since PaulB found this OS : Hisako Meaty/Rekka/Counter I’ve been trying to figure out new option select with her. Do you guys have others OS to use ?

I’ve been trying to find one similar that Paul found. His OS will meaty the opponent or catch counter if he uses a dp. The only inconvenient is that if the opponent decide to back dash you’ll be in catch counter for a free punish.

I was wondering if a meaty/possession/counter would be possible while using the same input of Paul OS. @Infilament could you enlighten me that would be really appreciated.

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Last night with Paul on stream we were trying to find some new OS. Here is the stream link : http://www.twitch.tv/llpaulb/v/42954593

It starts at 1:55, if you guys have some ideas share it there.

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Well, I probably won’t be constructive so far. One one hand, I’d like to see competitive Hisakos a bit more. On the other, I am irrational option selects hater. But props for discovering this to you guys.

Not bad

I was in the lab today and I was trying to find a new OS with her descent cancel and counter. Essentially what I was trying to do was finding a safe way to counter on wake up, descent cancel is they backdash, and on ryo san if they block or mash jab.

Unfortunatly, I don’t think it will be possible either way the counter was coming out and punishing dp, but when I was backdashing Hisako counter whiffed. The other thing that was happening is that and I was really excited if I was blocking or mashing normals I was getting hit. The back dash wasnt punish because Hisako was descent cancelling. But when I tryed to dp counter wasnt coming out.

I was curious if an OS would be possible. Because if I cancel a normal into descent, I don’t think the game would allow another cancel with counter. Maybe @Infilament can give us some infos here since he is very knowledgeable with the game.

If one of you got an idea share it here. @STORM179 @Marbledecker @R1stormrider @TheNinjaOstrich @llPaulBll

I was not aware that one could Descent-cancel a Vengeance counter (to be honest I’ve never tried).

You can’t.

Edit : That’s what I’ve been trying to do and the game won’t allow it I think.

LOL I thought that sounded a bit too good to be true

Here are the input of what I was doing : Cr.Mk,Descent Cancel,Vengeance Counter, On Ryo San. Basically with different input buffer I wanted the game to read a descent cancel, but no results.

I was trying to cover the backdash option on wake up.

My main idea is that with this OS I was hoping that if they would
backdash : Descent Cancel
Dp : vengeance counter
Mash normals : getting hit by meaty
Block : Rekka is coming out.

I actually don’t play the lovely Ghost Girl. Sorry! :frowning: