Hisako/Kan-Ra Friendly Selfy

Not an original work, just the achievement art for “Friendly Hisako.”
That being said

It’s just too ■■■■ cute I couldn’t help but share it.


lol, hilarious that’s just pretty damn funny


Niiiiiice~!! xD

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i really want to use this one for my xbox background image or whatever but as i’ve been grinding ranked instead of making friends it’s the only hisako achievement i don’t have :frowning: its super cute though I love it so much

Bestest Friends Forever.

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Your going to hell if you laugh at this one…LOL @TheNinjaOstrich

Probably my favorite achievement art. Almost like Kan’s saying "Guess who dropped by my tomb?"
Whoever does these (you name is escaping me at the moment), epic stuff. The one with Hisako’s Stage Ultra on another level is pretty cool too.

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