Hisako is a better grappler than RAAM

You are just the most adorable, little poster, kiddo. I wish I could be there to see your face when you pull your head out of your anus, look up through the thread and who I replied to, and realize nothing I said applied to you.


Darn. It appears that your screen is intact.

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I accept your apology.

There are some ridiculous assumptions in this thread to begin with…

Completely invincible startup grab: false, Hisako has nothing of the sort. Check hitboxes in training mode before you state fake truths as facts.

Recapture aerial: has nothing to do with the argument that hisako’s a better grappler.

Teleport, fast movement speed and wall jump: actually goes against the idea and concept of a true grappler.

Counter into combo: again, it’s not really common at all for true grappler to have reversals or parries.

So that would leave the only somewhat valid argument being “version of regular grab that can lead into combos”. And this one, while having some merit, isn’t actually a good argument either, since RAAM gets stomp combos and resets from his command grabs, in a much more deadly and much more grappler-ish vortex than simply grab into combo into ender.

Only reason I can think that the OP would think this, is that he hasn’t faced any good RAAM players. RAAM is an absolute blender once he gets in on you.

  • His command grabs have the reach and startup of a propper grappler.

  • He has one of the most deadly grab vortexes I’ve seen in a fighter up to date.

  • He has ridiculously good buttons when in your face or at mid-close distance. He has very very good defense, with fully inv reversals and amazing anti airs.

  • He has absurd damage potential.

  • He has absurd reach with his normals and jumps.

  • He has a mechanic on his reversals and his running grab that make it so he can let his opponent run away all he wants, that he’ll eventually just die.

  • He has an instinct that actually punishes his opponent even if he’s away and doesn’t get anywhere near RAAM, and turns any one-chance to break into a deadly combo.

You can argue all day long if hisako is a better character than RAAM. But arguing that she’s a better grappler is simply absurd.


Actually raam’s normal command grab is 4frames (1f sower then hisako’s) but his shadow command however is 1f. IF say for example he uses instinct and then shadow dominance it’s inescapable.

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And just so we’re clear: Hisako’s 3 frame command grab only applies to light influence, which is probably the shortest range throw in the game. Raam’s grabs reach much further, and are only a frame slower (at worst) than her fastest grab.

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… you probably wouldn’t like what happens when you compliment Raam’s abilities either…

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Hisako is worlds better than Raam at grabing people, but she simply cannot convert a grab into a full combo mixup without full wrath meter, that job is for which you have Raam’s stomps trait because Raam’s true strenght is his insane damage output. Raam can get close and keep close but one combo break and he has to struggle until he gets in again, while Hisako has no problem dashing and teleporting near people, so she will in average grab you more times than Raam will.

Hisako’s LP Influence starts in 2 frames, Raam’s Dominance start in 3 frames. LP Influence will beat Dominance if put face to face unless it is Shadow Dominance which starts in 1 frame. This is a common situation when these two fight, both will try to grab each other in the wake up game with odds that favor Hisako.

Raam’s has the most deceptive grab in the game because of its LP Dominance range. It is however not the longest, that belongs to Kan-Ra

The best grab in the game is probably Thunder’s Shadow Call of Earth.

So Raam’s doesn’t even have the best throws in the game.

Also most characters can keep away and give him chip damage and long normals to the face, when you finally get close you either make it count or almost lose a round trying to get in again while he slowly takes potential damage or hits.

Raam is awesome IMO, and o love playing him, but he simply doesn’t have what it takes to be the best grappler.

I really like how they made the conversion to a fighting character, that stab he has looks really vicious, i love it.

You sure about that Kim got stabbed and besides Hisako is not even a grappler and Raam is the best one in the game.

That’s what you have the Kryll for. Put them on your opponent, sit back and block. After a while, they get frustrated and come to you.