Hisako Costume/Color Ideas Thread

Well, with a heaping helping of new skins on the way, I think it’d be wise to do some brainstorming for what we’d like to see.

I’m partially acting as an emissary for my Girlyfriend, so here are a couple of ideas she and I have thought up.

Japanese Funerary Attire

Since Hisako is a) Japanese, and b) dead, it seems fitting to give her an outfit that’d be traditionally worn on the dead. This can be seen on other onryos in pop culture, such as Kayako (Ju-On: The Grudge) and Sadako (Ringu).

Gothic Kimono
*(PhotoShop courtesy of girlfriend)

Simple, vanilla, super pale Hisako with a black and purple kimono. Since terror skins are a recolor of Color 9, this color scheme would be a kickass place to start.

Sailor Scout Hisako

An ultra cheesy sailor suit ala Sailor Moon.

Bed Sheet Ghost

Self explanatory


Samurai armor.

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First thing that came to my mind was a colour based on Basara’s wife:

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I would pay for this look. It’s not serious at all but seeing how this game is one giant parody, it’d be fun to have.

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ever since she was revealed i have been waiting for a grim reaper costume. scythe and black robe and all

A new idea:
In honor of the failed KickStarted horror fighting game The Chainsaw Incident (as well as possibly a fun reference to Gears of War 2, I dunno) how about a chainsaw on a stick?

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