Higher VOLUME for Taunts, Timeout and Idle animations

@SasquatchPotato @TempusChaoti @TotalJimkata

Hey guys, Ive noticed that when doing Taunts, Idle,animations and Timeout animations… the volume of the characters sound FX is really low. Mainly Taunts after a round ends.

Is it possible to have this turned up or given priority over the music? It almost seems as if it gets slightly muted. It tends to start at a certain volume and then drop very quickly.

Ive noticed this mainly with Cinder, General Raam, Maya. Miria…ect…



I love you. You made a topic supporting taunts. I agree, the volume for them doesn’t seem to match with the rest of the voice audio.


Yeah I have no issues with taunts…not a fan of TBs or mic noise…but taunts are fine with me! I just wish the volume didn’t drop out as soon as they start after a round.

Kim Wu is the one that bothered me the most with this topic.

As in you cant hear her?

I know I often can’t hear Cinder’s taunt after winning which is rather frustrating, because I have my sound settings set with voice being very high and music not very high at all, and yet the latter seems to still overwhelm the former.

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Barely. Even with the music off.

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Well @SasquatchPotato…what do you say? Can you help us out? :slight_smile:

The Devs sure have been quite the last 2 weeks :frowning: