High parry catching lows as well?

Hisako versus Sabrewulf, and she high parried my c mk. Does full wrath let parry hit high and low?

In instinct, yes.

Definitely wasn’t instinct, was the start of the match.

And it wasn’t the low parry animation either

cr.mk isn’t a low though…you mean cr.mp. Wulf’s normals are reversed in that sense. punches are lows, kicks are highs.

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Oh it isn’t? I’ve been usin the wrong buttons then.

Never mind me then

You’re new to the game right?

Nope, just don’t play much wulf because I don’t own the full game. Dunno if it means much but got killer after 2 days of play and started when raam came out

Now I recognize your name. You were ummmmm…where did I see you…I think you fought against bass one time or another. I remember the name.

Never went to a tourney and i dunno if bass plays online.

He does, does sets with people from time to time.

if im not mistaken i believe a full wrath high vengeance counter will work against highs mids and lows. even at full wrath, i will do high or low vengeance accordingly from habit so thats why im not 100% certain

Only in instinct does vengeance counter both high and lows without guessing.

No, counters only catch strengths other than their prescribed ones in instinct. How full the wrath bar is has no bearing on what a counter will catch. OP’s issue is because Wulf’s crouch kicks hit mid, not low.


alright sounds good