High level play for Rash

A tournament held in Chile beginning of June

Watching BM Symmetry play Rash like that brings a tear to my eye

I dont think i have seen anybody use Rash in the US for finals, hopefully CEO changes that tomorrow


I’m glad to see this, I wanted to get good enough at this game to be the guy to show rash off at a high level, but I have a long, long way to go. I’m definitely going to steal stuff from this man, no copy right infringement lol.

wat got me was the read against kim wu where he booted dragon kick, that was sick

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Symmetry at it again

though Symmetry got 3-0 against Kada on the Chile tournament on the first video, Kada did such a superb job this time

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Plenty of matches of the incredible Wulfgang Mello Rash in here.

Wish he’d stuck with him.

shoulda time stamped it but i found it, his reaction times were godlike

Yeah, good point. I think this is all of them.

51.07 Wulfgang vs Sol
1:18.42 Charazard (Rash) vs Hi I’m Keith
1:30.28 Wulfgang vs Sleep
1:59.17 Wulfgang vs Finchomatic
2:11.51 Wulfgang vs Charazard
2:20.23 Wulfgang vs Sol
2:34.59 Wulfgang vs Hi I’m Keith
2:51.14 Wulfgang vs Yung Tate