High Heel Boots for Maya

They forgot the most important boot for her, Just saying :slight_smile:

At first I was like, why?

And then I was like, “She could tower over all!!!1!!11!”

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Giving her high heels won’t change her in-game height though.
Just look at Orchid. Her main has high heel boots, but she has an accessory set which gives her flat boots. No change in height what so ever. It’s nothing but a visual difference on the model.

That said, I see no reason why Maya would wear high heels at all. It wouldn’t fit with her character one bit. She’s a warrior amazon who lives in a jungle. High heels is a more urban thing.


Well the retro costume has high heels if that counts for something.


Gimme heels on the modern outfit cut it out from the retro and stick it below the modern one lol I actually would pay for that even if its a duct tape. So I don’t understand the whole ow it won’t fit her style.

I mean for an Amazon warrior she sure has a lot of makeup and hair style, people seriously don’t proof read what they type.

If you think about it thats sorta the whole point about “Alt costumes” its alternate. The whole point is to make her not an Amazon warrior but something opposite.

A urban chick, just look at her current Tron armor suite whats Amazon about that futuristic lighting up tron suite? some folks don’t get it.

No there is literally no reason to give her high heels.


I will pay big money for it, there is a reason.

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I don’t think it fits the character’s new design. Doesn’t sound like a highly requested accesory either.

Any accessory will be purchased by the lemmings. I mean, the people. :wink:

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I noticed that ARIA, sadira and orchid wear some kind of high heels. But maya and hisako don’t (well least maya’s default doesn’t).

That takes some serious delectation and master ability to fight in heels. Then again they aren’t traditional heels but still. I must give respect for that.

Excuse my ignorance, but wouldn’t adding high heels and making her taller also change her hitbox?

Yes Aria and Orchid has high heels. Therefore Maya can get some love too

Doesn’t she have them in her retro already? I can’t remember. Pretty sure she did.