Hi we need help! We're just getting started with tournaments and our channel

Hi, my name is Jeramy and I’m part of a YouTube group Dark Dimensions. We have ran Killer Instinct Tournaments for the last three months and we want it to get bigger! We are open to suggestions on new times and rules. We also need participants! This next upcoming tournament anyone is allowed! But most of all we need subscribers to get our channel started! Will you help?

I don’t see much potential for growth in a channel dedicated to Minecraft, Dragonball, Killer Instinct, Quantum Break, GTAV, etc.

If you want a channel to flourish well with Killer Instinct tournaments you’ll either need to commit to acquiring high level players or high level commentary. Out of respect from what I saw you currently have neither. Establish a channel brand by doing something unique beyond “Every other lets play channel” in existence. KI Tournaments would work for an already established LPer, but you’ll have a very hard time growing a channel with new tournaments when no one has heard of you and your content is all over the place.

That said, glad to see continued interest in Killer Instinct among newer players.

Use the all new Xbox Live Arena features that are coming - I’m sure that’ll help you out a lot. :wink: