Hi-Res Screenshots of Glacius!

Hello, fellow ice alien fans! Last night I was fiddling around in KI and decided that I wanted some nice images of Glacius posing dramatically in the rain to serve as graphics/references/etc. I figured you all would enjoy them too so I’m posting them here.

This is just a preview of the images to keep the post from getting too huge. The full album is here: >> [LINK] << Enjoy!


That is beautiful!

Thanks much! I have always loved taking screenshots in-game so I love that the Xbox One makes it so easy. Now all we need is a “theater mode” of sorts where they let us control the camera sort of how they do in trailers, and I would be the happiest camper. ;3;

Dude that is one of the things I always wanted. t could make my KI Stupidity videos more dynamic lol.

Oh man, these are sick! The rain, lighting and ice all mesh together really well lol thanks again for sharing!

Thank you!! Yes, I agree! I love thick thick torrents of rain and they way they stream off the character’s body when he moves. The lighting on this stage also compliments his icy skin very well, making for some nice reflections. Glad you enjoyed it!

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Darn it (almost forgot about that censor lol), I’m getting back into screenshot fever. Here are a few more because why not:

(Plus a bonus red spike version because I can never chose which option I like more!)

So… I guess this is just going to become a Glacius screenshot thread now haha. If you guys have any, feel free to post!


They are great shots. I wish they would give us the option to hide the replay controls at the bottom of the screen…

I know, me too! My friend says there’s apparently a way to do it from the Xbox One settings… I’m going to fiddle around with that and see if I can’t figure it out. Hopefully we’re both on the same page and he’s not referring to something different!

Dude that looks my Glacius! (the red one) woot! awesome shot

I had a feeling you would appreciate that one. :] I love that set up a lot. Super intimidating!

Wow seriously that red one!

Indeed these are very nice, yes :grin:

yes, I know this thread is old but I have a request, since I do not have KI on xbox one, I was wondering if anyone could get some screenshots of glacius in his alien armor