Hi Guys

WOW!!! the real UA Charbok cant even believe it. Just started being on the forums now. Ive been playing the game since season 1 but have never been on the forums. This is my main character and idk how often people post in here but id love to help people out with some stuff and maybe learn some new things as well <3


Announcer voice Welcome

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Goddammit Frank. :grin:

Welcome aboard! The Sako subforum is one of the better, more informative ones, but more info is always better! Y’know what they say:

“Get smrt or ■■■■ off”
-someone definitely said this, 2017


Weird place to say hi, but welcome!

What’s up man! Glad to have ya! :smiley:

Welcome sir :smile:

The group isn’t super-active anymore, but we’ve got a couple of solid threads for discussing tech and MU’s, as well as a video archive (that’s mostly populated by me tbh) that is probably worth checking out/contributing to.

I haunt the forums pretty regularly so don’t think we’ve ever had someone ask a Sako question and get no response, but by the same token there aren’t a ton of Sako players here ether. Some helpful/insightful (I think) threads below:

Video Archive:

Tech Discussions (no promises on the earlier stuff, but anything after post 106 or so should be S3 viable):

Uses for air-ORZ:

General thread about reading people and leveling up. It’s a bit dense, but it’s one of my favorite threads here in the forum. Would love to have your input on it :slight_smile:

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Welcome! this is the place to be! Avoid the Facebook pages at all cost and remain here were amazing discussions happen!

thanks Storm! ill check this stuff out

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