Hey Riptor fans!

We all love Riptor, share why.
I like Riptor, because, she is fast, cunning, and cute. My road Dog.

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Clever girl !

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How can someone not love a fire breathing cyborg dinosaur? It’s the coolest ■■■■■■■ thing!


I see alot of myself in her… At least the part of me that could only exist in my screwed up head… Fast, vicious, and calculating.


I love Riptor because I love dinosaurs. Plus Riptor was the first KI character I ever found out about because of Death Battle.



Unique among the cast
First cyber dinosaur in a fighting game
A raptor (my favorite Dinosaur)

she was the character that got my attention the most when I saw KI for the first time. Heck! it’s reason why I remembered KI int he first place.


Riptor is a really cool, neat, and awesome as well as badass cybernetic dinosaur/dino-raptor :smile: :grin: :sunglasses:

Don’t blink, she’ll come out of di-nowhere and kick the crap outta ya lol.


I dreamed about riding my own riptor through the sky.


PLEASE put this in the Riptor Thread! This is related to a specific character.

Now why do I love Riptor? Been a fan of dinosaurs and reptillian monsters ever since my childhood, if it wasn’t for her, I’d of never been into KI.

I love her classic which felt like a beautiful hybrid between a dinosur, a snake, and a human. But I also love her modern design because I also like robotic scifi stuff and if you mix that with savagery in a reptillian beast? ■■■■ yeah! that look hit the right notes.

Riptor is also really, REALLY fun to play. I lovedthe since of wild savagery I get when I played the classics, but the modern KI allows me to savage, and cunning, I feel like a predator just killing off my prey slowly, watching them squirm!

and sometimes when I fight my brother, it’s playing arond to establish who’s friggen’ boss!

Riptor is, in my opinion the best sign that a roster has potential diversity.


Indeed bro, but I refuse to admit defeat.

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Me too. I learned more about the games for unrelated reasons.

But that specific Death Battle is utter bologna. They referred to Yoshi’s combat prowess in the Super Smash Bros games, which are non-canon to anything besides other Super Smash Bros games. (Only Brawl had a real story anyway.) Most of the Death Battle people’s reasons for Yoshi being the winner came from those games and not the actual Mario series, so they are invalid.

Plus, nothing in the Mario series has shown Yoshis to be all that durable. They took damage by just being touched by enemies. I doubt one would last being mauled by an enhanced dinosaur. Though, Yoshi could eat Riptor’s fire/acid, but when has that ever turned the egg into an acid egg? Whenever Yoshi turned something into an egg, it would just explode as if it was empty. The acid inside would not splatter, because it would not be there. And since when has Riptor’s acid/fire blinded anyone? It just deals damage, not blindness.

The Death Battle people seem to only use real life logic when it suits them. If they were using real life logic from the beginning, Yoshi would have died the instant Riptor comboed him. (That was the first thing to happen in the fight.) And Yoshi cannot even block anything, while Riptor would just block the egg projectiles. Riptor would certainly win in a fight. The Death Battle result was not very accurate.

Also, I was annoyed that they called Riptor “he” throughout the video. There were absolutely no signs of her being male. Although this was before she was 100% confirmed to be female. At the time, she was referred to as “it.” Although, she did lay eggs in her old KI1 ending, and that is only something that female reptiles can do… unless you’re a Yoshi I guess.