Hey, i'm a new player wanting to get into KI, and I have a question about the physical defintive edition for xbox one and shadow jago

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  1. If I purchase the physical definitive edition, will I also be able to use that content on W10? I know KI supports cross buy but I have heard inconsistent reports in regard to this. Some people says it works, some people says it doesn’t, some people say it will later this year, I want a clear answer.

  2. I know a version of shadow jago came out a while ago with his own move set, but it was exclusive to a donation drive or something similar at the time. Is he still not obtainable to this day via any other way, since that’s over now?

Shadow jago comes with the definitive edition and is also available for purchase individually in the store. As far as I know if you get the DE disk you can only play it with all characters and content on Xbox, if you buy it on the Xbox store it should be transferable to win10 I’m not too sure on this though.

@REYNOSOFUA11 is correct. The physical disc is Xbox One only. The digital version is cross buy and will work on Xbox and PC.

@REYNOSOFUA11 is correct. The physical disc is Xbox One only. The digital version is cross buy and will work on Xbox and PC.

Does the physical disk then actually all work directly from disc rather then the disc just being something that authorizes you to download the content digitally? Like, can I play the disk without connecting to the internet/without an xbox live account?

Yes but you bring up something interesting. Does anyone know which build of the game is on the disc? I don’t think it’s the patch that broke the game since that was released the same day as the disc, but if it’s the previous one then shadow lords won’t be unlocked?

that’s not true for the Definitive Edition. if you wanna play on PC right now you have to use the ingame shop. the DE will NOT unlock anything in the PC version for now even if bought digitally.

For the characters or just for the extra content? If so, I stand corrected.

Something else to keep in mind about the DE content: it consists of 2 main parts, one is the KI game, and the other is a front end app which is technically what the DE is, and within this app is all the documentaries, character bios, music, etc that is what made the DE special.

I don’t know about any hang-ups with the cross-play for the digital version of KI via the DE bundle, but I do know that while KI is already on PC the DE app is going to be available on PC before the end of the year, and the cross-play for the app won’t be available until then. But for KI itself, keep in mind there have been a few bugs & such on PC that have been keeping characters locked for some players for quite awhile now.

the extra content still have to be ported to the PC. I was speaking about the characters. they won’t get unlocked in the PC version if you buy the DE digitally, it just doesn’t work despite it being a play-anyhwere title.