Hermit Elder - Martial Arts Master Mentor

KI is missing an elder fighter since Wang, Gen & Shun Di. That includes Gouken & Heihachi.

If there was, he’d be one of the members of the Night Guard. He’ll be the mentor to the KI heroes, training them for upcoming threats yet to come.




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You forgot the most important hermit elder ever:

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So basically the floating guy from KI2 training mode…

Master Roshi and Genkia <3 lol

But how to bring out a guy/gal like that in KI?

Kim Wu is Chinese-Korean, but her influence in the reboot is fully Chinese.

Perhaps the old guy can be fully Korean as a hermit in taekwondo.

The old wise master is definitely an archetype that I’d love to see IG explore. He could be revived as a character that will teach you in dojo mode like in the old KI.

IG can go the silly route in the same vain as Bo Rai Cho in MK or Lei Wulong in Tekken, or the more traditional father-figure character such as Gouken. He could be the martial arts master of either Kim Wu or Jago in terms of lore.

And of course my favorite movie Martial Arts Master Pai Mei from Kill Bill

Let’s not forget Mr. Miyagi

And of course movies greatest old master archetype, Yoda.

A character with aerial multi-target kick combos would be really cool. I could see it sort of working like Gen’s move in SFIV but with the freestyle flavor juggling of KI. Although, the hard thing about making this archetype is that it’s been done a ton in fighting games, especially the eastern martial arts old master. Perhaps IG could go the more western route like Merlin a powerful Wizard? We could have an old bearded character who uses a wizard staff with powerful magical properties. Since Kan Ra’s is sort of the dark magic character, We could create the opposite and make a white mage who has the ability to create powerful protective barriers that could soften the blow of enemies, the ability to heal either the life bar, potential damage or, negative properties such as Kan Ra’s grab or stinger that creates slower movement. To limit this we could, give him a special mana bar that has certain number of points (mp). Once he uses all his bar he can no longer use any of his special powers, until instinct which gives him a refilled or half filled mana bar.

Come on guys wouldn’t you want Gandalf in KI

Then again its a fighting game. And we love our eastern influences. Maybe the ultimate defensive character in an offensive heavy game? He could have the ability to parry, the ability to bat or absorb fireballs. He could be a character that’s extremely weak but with the instinct could become one of the hardest hitting characters in the game with super-increase damage boost (since Sabrewulf’s damage increase is no longer there, we could use it for this character).

There’s not a lot of old master types with weapons. I think someone mentioned in a similar topic of an old master with a bo staff which I think would be pretty awesome. I also think it’s a great weapon to experiment with a character using different stances. In one he holds it at a much more defensive stance, using it as a poking or jabbing tool. Slower normals but great range. In another, he could hold it like Darth Maul holds two handed lighsaber and do fancy twisting motions with similar utility like Kim Wu’s where he can cancel it to other specials.

defensive long front stance

front stance (for more fancy twists)

Since it’s KI we have to change it up aesthetically. Maybe make him into a monster or alien like Yoda? It would be hilarious if IG could pull of a small character like that. Or possibly he’s a “bad guy” old master. Ultratech creates a Frankenstein from old masters, combining the greatest minds of martial arts into the ultimate old man superman :grin:.

I’m actually reading a really good manga right now called Inuyashiki. It’s about an old friendless old man who’s family doesn’t care for him. He’s struck with grief when his doctor tells him he has an incurable illness. He stumbles at night around a park and is struck by an explosion, hinted as alien in origin. The aliens didn’t mean to kill him, so they rebuild him as a robot but with his old human exterior. There was another person with him that also died and was rebuilt. To cut the summary short. The old man finds himself with super human ability and attempts to become a superhero. The other guy becomes the bad guy. Definitely worth checking it out.

Gouken - Ansatsuken Karate
Gen - Mantis & Crane Kung Fu
Wang - Xingyiquan Kung Fu
Heihachi - Gojuryu Karate
Shun Di - Drunken Fist Kung Fu
Gen Fu - Xingyiquan

Perhaps the old man or old woman can take on Indonesian martial arts or another Chinese kung fu.

Indonesia - Pencack Silat

Cambodia - Pradal Serey

Korea - Gongkwon Yusul

  • Tang Soo Doo


  • Changquan