Here my new characters ideas for new killer insrinct game


Have you thought about the character’s “music”?

Music tells us the character’s story.


One or some day i will put music and what is your favroite of my new killer instinct idea characters


Wind characters are tornado, the aerokinesis djinn .

Airzone , sylph hummingbird mutant .

Corax , have some wind and light power he is bringer of war tengu


Hydra, merfolk gladaitor champions of atlantis he kingdom was whiped out by gargos .

He is has shark power and controll water and sea .

Merlin , elder hermit he is mentor & father of the nightgaurds he based on gandolf.


Kelvin, galaxy leader alignment Good .

Sol Dakuri , Living souls alignment neutral & evil.

Tatsunaria, possessed samurai alignment Good.

Merlin, hermit druid alignment good .

Hydra , merfolk gladiator alignment neutral .

Dahlia, Aura kunoichi telekinetic alignment Good.

Mercury, travel time speedster alignment good.

Deadeye , ultratech mercenaries agent alignment evil.

Gron , berserker gorilla alignment neutral.

Hannibal, Cannibalism Empowerment wendigo alignment evil.

Hecaton , living hive alignment Evil.

Feng , mistblade shinobi alignment good.

Zomo, zombies Shapeshifter alignment evil.

Maokai, heartwood treefolk alignment good.

Tornado , Aerokinesis Djinn alignment neutral & Good.

Doc western, outlaw Gunslinger alignment good.

Gunnar, armored police officers alignment neutral.

Dr Erin Gupte , UltraTech scientist alignment evil.

Southwark, cynical detective alignment good.

Kara , UltraTech agent alignment neutral & evil.

David master , famous star alignment good.

Leostien , werepanther alignment good.

Lilly , snapping creeper alignment netural.

Psycho, killer clown alignment evil.

Mage , disciples warlock alignment netural & good.

Tigerclaw , weretiger Muay Thai alignment good.

gigantes, muscled mutant alignment evil.

El obsbian, aztec luchador champion alignment good.

Corax, heavenly harbinger of war tengu alignment good.

Bull, showmaster Matador alignment good.

Whipmaster ,Lasher bladewhips alignment good.

Airzone : mutant harpy alignment good.

Frank Victor : Frankenstein monster alignment netural & good.

Skwirm, mother of monster alignment evil.

Blur , chameleon stalkers alignment netural & evil.

Vlad : vampire lord of coven alignment evil.

Hypnox : lovecraftian apocalypse alignment evil.

Boltstrike : weather demigod alignment netural good as light & evil as dark .

Desvator : ceo ultratech betrayed of alliances alignment netural & evil.

Vayrewn , Shadow knight warlord alignment evil.

Minos : minotaurs emperor alignment evil.

Nurgle : time death reaper alignment evil.


I give the new characters stage


Good Morning!
According to the evolution of the story, we saw that many current characters (at least 20), would return to a new version, for not having their goals completed. And others would cease to exist, leaving 7 spots to fill and thus maintaining the same amount of characters.
My character suggestions:

  • A woman, who would reside in South America (probably in Brazil), who would have been an employee of Ultratech in the past, and was fired by the company after a project failed. This woman carries with her a guardian of light, and would be protected by the company. Character “of the good”, although many of his secrets may definitively condemn Aria.
  • A new weapon from Ultratech: Possibly a new machine, unlike the Fulgore Units and the UA-CCIX (that go back to the game), being built to exterminate all opponents of the company.
  • An Aria C unit: This human unit would be problematic for refusing Ultratech AI commands, and would bind Aria to the new character.
  • Coven: A powerful Wendigo: TJ would have faced the Tsar, seeking even more status and fame, and would have been killed and turned into a powerful Wendigo. * A character connected to the Repudiates, but with a different goal. He would not want to destroy the company, but instead take over.
    *A new woman, the spy of the current Government (or what was left of it), who would investigate the Coven and the Repudiates, with the aim of gathering evidence and condemning them.
  • The last suggestion would be the human version of Sabrewulf, who would be freed from Lycanthropy, and would help out what remained of the Nightguard (Orchid, Jago, Tusk, Kim Wu, Shin Hisako, Maya) to fight Coven and Aria.
    The story would go according to the comics: Ultratech would be cleared and protected by the Government for its help in fighting the Gargos. The heroes of mankind regain their guardians and Jago receives a new warning, alerting about a new invasion of Gargos. By keeping the Alliance together, he seeks out Aria and reports to her about this new invasion. And the alert about a new portal, which would be opened near the residence of a former employee of Ultratech, because Gargos would seek to eliminate the guardians of Light, who can end their plans. Knowing this, Aria sends the Unit Fulgore Mark-03 to watch and to observe it, because Aria knows of the many secrets that this woman carries with her. Kilgore would become autonomous, but not totally independent of the company, and would also seek the former employee to obtain a system code that would release him from Ultratech. Coven, with its new allies and after the destruction of Mira, would be planning a new attempt to conquer the company, after learning of Aria’s real goals. The new Guard of the Night is also alerted by Jago, who follows closely with the location of the guardians of the Light, which Gargos would try to destroy. In the meantime, Orchid would once again try to destroy Ultratech with the repudiates, but would get stuck, and manage to escape. After the doubt about their behavior, a spy would be sent to review their charges.
    The names of the new characters could be suggested, and the three names would go through a vote, involving the community in its elaboration. My humble collaboration, I hope you like it! :slight_smile:


Is there anything to involve an alien invasion after Gargos’ demon invasion?

Wonder if heaven can get involved too when they fight Gargos again?


You have Lokus : symbiotic parasite aliens he is leader of parasite aliens race enemy of glacius race .

He be in story called aliens invasions


Any thoughts of heaven?

Gargos is a gargoyle-based demon.

It’d be nice if heaven was involved somehow. Maybe the armor thing that comes to mind.


Here heaven characters how about corax, he is tengu heavenly bringer of war

Tornado , he is djinn of winds.

Lightning , dragon of storms and he is bringer of storms he chossen Kenneth Jupiter & Kenneth jupiter code names is boltstrike.

Gaia , earth goddess

New character ideas for Season 4, sequel or live action wishlist

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