Here Kitty, Kitty - Orchid Tech Thread

Air grabs, buster knees, and more. Showcase that Orchid tech.

I think I know one that still works. Alright, so you end a combo with your ichi ni san ender and combo the first two hits of heavy ich ni san. After that, charge up your last hit all the way so when your opponent gets back up they get slapped by a unblockable. Not really sure if it still works since I’m trying to get back into K.I. but be sure to give it a try just in case.

Hey here are two setups after a throw in the corner. one is a gimmick and one is actually pretty darn cool. Also there is a risk of this being old info because orchid is popular and probably fairly unchanged between S2 and S3 in regards to whats needed to do this

Corner LP rekka “tick” throw mixup/confirms
{Throw, Grenade toss, Cr.MK xx L Ichi 1st hit, (Throw or air buster) }

So this was labbed up as kind of a joke and its potency shows as much. The idea behind this was use the negative move into dp frame trap that Jago had before and use nade to make it safe. I sort of failed because i couldn’t find a way to make DP into explosion so this setup basically ends up being a knowledge check. Even so the punishment is mitigated by having a nade out. The nade also launches for a combo on a dp hit. Its okay but a otherwise a novelty

Corner Forward throw Okizeme idea
{Throw, grenade toss,, xx ichi 1st hit xx ichi 2nd hit xx HP 3rd Hit charge}

This is pretty cool. So if orchid opts to ichi nise it leaves her plus 10+ (depend on rekka strength)

If you opt to hold the HP charge you can get a +5 charge as a blockstring or do an mixup between slight charge and unblockable… (Its like the regular delay heavy ichi mixup except you are +5 instead of -3)