Here is Omen without his mask on. (BUT THIS TIME ON THE NEW FORUMS! WOO!)

A weird bug caused Omens mask to not load in.


I always thought this looked seriously cool. Much more imposing and intimidating than the masked version. Would love an option to use it.

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I think he looks really weird lol the nose seems really out of place to me. Like he shouldn’t have one lol

Slender man yeeeeeeeep

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Omen to Retro Cinder:
NO! I am your father!


Any update on this? @TheKeits Is it possible to get omen without his mask?

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wish we could have him without the mask. looks really cool

As a retro costume or an accessory, that may playable. I like the mask version more but that looks sympathic (and I don’t think that will cost a lot of money to add that into the game - but I know nothing about dev cost)

Actually, really cool <3

Im sure thats just Jagos face. Jago has that weird nose going on too.

I cant help but think of >Mfw things seeing these photos.

Not bad, but I don’t think this should be an accessory option.