Here are some nice gameplay tips I made for the Hisako's out there!

New to Hisako? Here’s some videos I just made to hopefully give you an idea of what she is capable of. There is a lot more to her but these are some good tips that I think every Hisako player should know.
Read the descriptions to understand what I’m doing. Also this is like the first time I uploaded videos on Youtube in like 5 years so if I messed something up my bad lol.

Also I’m sure some, if not all, of these tips have been posted before someplace or another (like other forums), but thought I’d share anyways!


Lots of good stuff here for beginner Hisakos - some of these are BnB!

You can squeeze another 1 damage out of a counter breaker using HP double > light On Ryo Zan > HP double > light On Ryo Zan > HP double > Possession ender.

I didn’t even know about the influence reset mid-combo until @Storm179 did it to me yesterday. Apparently, to avoid it, all you have to do is hold up while you’re getting hit by the combo, so when it comes, you’ll instantly neutral jump, avoiding it, and allowing for a follow-up punish.

Heh. You realize I used to hit you with that in S2 as well right? :-p

It’s pretty common among the better Hisako’s. I “learned” it from watching tournament streams not too long after Sako was released :slight_smile:

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I play a pretty good Hisako (at least I like to think so), but a lot of what I don’t do is in the videos above. I think the only ones I really did was the influence off the wall bounce and the possession after a blocked attack. I knew about grab into influence, but hardly ever used it; the same applies to the wall splat ender into anti-air resets.

I’m not exactly new with hisako, but these are some pretty useful things. I’ll try to take advantage of these.

thank you for the videos! its always good to have some kind of visual aid for our rookie phantoms so they can see wtf it is we are talking about. sometimes the lingo can be lost to them. im a pretty experience hisako player myself, i managed to learn somethin new like the flip out off wallsplat by doing cr.FP > ORZ > flip out. i never thought about that before…

edit: i would just wait to have full wrath and just do cr.FP > flip out after wallsplat ender. this method you showed just refined it further and i dont need max wrath

Wow this stuff looks to advanced been trying hisako for 2 3 days and i can’t learn her

start from the beginning with hisako! dont go for advanced tech like the videos just yet. here is some stuff you can do that id recommend:

-learn and memorize the range of her normals. in the neutral game they are very useful. for each normal find out the absolute maximum range. you’ll have more confidence in the neutral game. watch as opponents walk into your range and you poke them or sweep them

-practice basic combos to learn the timing that she has. rookies tend to get lost in the combo (i did anyway). do a combo 10 times without dropping it

-learn the functionality of her enders. you got your damage,hard knockdown, and wallsplat.

-practice her dash, learn its range and its start up.

-practice her teleport. get fancy by striking the dummy in the lab and cancelling into teleport off your mediums and fierces

-practice her influence and possession command grabs. find the ranges for both. be aware, her possession inhale grab range/speed is severely weakened if the opponent is hit and didnt block!

start there, and move on up. it takes time to get acquainted with her