Help Wooden Arcade stick Paints

A while ago I purchased a wooden arcade stick frame and I need to get the bugger painted as it is long overdue the look I was thinking was basing it around arbiter’s look in KI so I was looking at paints today and right now I’m considering a bronze metallic paint and a red metallic paint pattern (kinda like Arbiter’s color 1). I haven’t made any controllers or done many wooden based projects before and was wondering if anyone has any tips or recommendations at all? Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated.

Frame was purchased from foehammer shop

Can you provide a link to the store?

In any event, painting wood is easy if you just want to whack a color on it, but quite hard if you are looking for a smooth or glossy finish. In general people use spray paint rather than brushes and then you deal with overspray (too much paint), dust etc. The general advice is to spray a couple of coats, then sand with a fine sandpaper until it is smooth. In practice this can be really challenging because you tend to sand through the paint. It’s also very time consuming. So it depends on how you want it to look/feel.

EDIT: I found the foehammer site. That’s a pretty cool joystick. I assume you have the unfinished wood version of the stealth. As they recommend on the site I would sand it (I suspect it’s sanded already), prime it, paint it with a couple of coats and then the hardest part is getting the lacquer or urethane on it and smooth. The more time you spend on this the better it will be. If you just want something colored, then you can probably knock it out in a few hours. But lacquering for a nice clear coat is one of those things that takes hours and you have to keep adding coats when the other coat is dry but not set. You for a stick like this you might need a couple of cans of spray lacquer, and if you want to get it smooth like they do at the FoeHammer store you will likely need to wet sand it. If you are really interested in that look up guides to guitar painting (super similar idea) and maybe even practice on some scrap wood to see if you like what you get.

EDIT 2: If you have an auto paint shop nearby or know somebody you might ask them if they can spray it for you…

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Thanks for the help to answer some questions I have the stage 1 stealth DIY so yes the unfinished wood base I have all my parts just put them aside for now so I can paint it. Also I completely forgot to mention I absolutely hate spray painting I know painting by brush takes a lot longer but it’s preference really.