Help with user account

I need some help with a user account if possible. The one I’m posting with is a fake since I had trouble creating the original one linked to my Gamertag. I never received the verify email to my original and I see no way on this site to send a new link. After clearing history/cache/cookies and trying different browsers/computers, I was locked in an endless loop of logging in with my MS account and only being presented with Create new account page. Upon entering the correct info it just said email was taken and to use “forgot password link” which from what I can tell doesn’t appear anywhere. Below is the link to the original account which it did in fact create, but just didn’t have anyway to login. Thanks for any help with this.

I don’t really think I can help. Maybe the confirmation ended up in your junk or spam folder? Either way I’m gonna go ahead and tag @rukizzel and @CStyles45 So hopefully they’ll see and can help.

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I’m usually pretty good checking spam but don’t remember seeing one. Either way it would be too late now. Not sure why there isn’t a form to resend the verification email or even just to reset the password. I know it’s tied to your MS account overall but if that is the case I’m not sure why there is a separate registration required. I don’t remember doing anything separate for the Forza forums.

Anyways wouldn’t be the worst thing if I had to use this account but would rather drop the 1 and email alias.

So are you able to log onto with your main account and not here? Or you can’t even log on there? Have you done password recovery on if that’s the case?

What’s your Gamertag of the account you are trying to actually login with?

Hopefully this will make sense lol…

My main MS account is an account and Gamertag is ToxicVampire. I can log onto the site with this account without issue.

The account I’m currently posting under was created using an alias through my main MS account. However, when if I log out and then log back into this website using my main account, it uses the current account I’m using.

Gamertag is ToxicVampire.

Any update on this?