Help with my TES+ Fightstick (Solution Found)

Hey guys. I don’t know if a thread was already started in regards to this so I thought I’d start one.

I just got a Madcatz TES+ fightstick and it feels and works great for SFV but Killer Instinct doesn’t want to use it at all. Even when I switch it over to XInput mode it doesn’t work. Strange thing is it also doesn’t work for SFV when I switch it to XInput. Has anyone else had this problem? Anyone found a way to get it working?


As far as fightstick support KI will only accept XB1 sticks. It used to use all kinds for PC, but once they got the XB1 fightstick drivers in place the game stopped accepting anything else. Your best bet now would be to use a Brooks or a Cronusmax converter…or you could hold out and hope they fix support for other sticks. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Thanks for the response. I actually got it working by keeping it in HID mode and using XOutput. Strange thing is this didn’t work for me before but it just started to now.

I’ll link the Reddit page that helped out because even if you don’t use RS or LS for KI IT IS VERY IMPORTANT YOU MAP THOSE IN XOUTPUT. lol Found out the hard way that if you don’t it will just keep scrolling up.

Link to Reddit page here:

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What’s sad is they used to work natively with newer arcade sticks, until about September.