Help with Full Auto Barrage

So I have been trying to complete story mode with every character and do all 3 requirements so I can have 100% on both of the murals. I have completed every single one for every character except for the one with TJ which says I need to land Full Auto Barrage on every character.

I took TJ into practice and sifted through his command list and still couldn’t really figure it out. I don’t even know what it is so I was hoping maybe somebody here could explain it to me? This one requirement is literally the only one I don’t have and it’s killing me lol


You have to do all of his auto doubles, for example start with an opener then press Y,Rb,B,A,X, and Rt in any order if you do it right he’ll punch your opponent into the ground and do a lot of damage if not he’ll do a small punch to the gut and your opponent will stand there for a second.


So all I have to do is do an opener and then pretty much press all of his attack buttons in any random order?

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Yeah except they cannot repeat so you can’t press Rb over and over again

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So for example, Opener, LK, MK., HK, LP, MP, HK and that counts as long as I don’t press one of them more than once?

Yeah that’ll work you might want to lower the difficulty though the AI loves to break the hell out of it for me


Sorry for not responding quick enough btw I was leveling my last six characters up and got carried away I’m so close till they’re all lvl 50.

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Auto barrage is his damage ender. That too has two versions.

  1. Pressing all the individual buttons in no particular order without repeating (lk, mp, lp, hk, hp, mk and any other combination of the 6 you can imagine). That does the maximum damage as an ender that TJ has.
  2. Pressing the same attack button twice instead gives you a gut punch that leaves TJ at a slight frame advantage.
    Its pretty easy, but each hit adds to the KV meter so you have to do it sort of early in a combo to prevent blowing out the KV meter. Try it in practice and then go into story, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be kicking yourself for how easy it is.
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Awesome, thanks for the tips guys. Ill give it a shot later and see if I can pull it off :smile:

Whatever you do DO NOT TAP THE BUTTONS MULTIPLE TIMES…as in… push push trying make it go through. Be patient and press one at a time “slowly”

opener - mp, hp, hk, mk, lk, lp.

Id keep it in order to make it easy…then when you get it down you can mix up the n=buttons to keep from being broken if you play TJ vs human players

When it goes through TJ will over head punch with a lot of power and you will know it worked because the whole stage shakes and there is a huge thud sound! if you messed up he does a gut punch with a small thud and the opponent stays on his feet.

Good luck!

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Nice, thanks for that! Later this evening when I play ill go into practice and see what happens :slight_smile: I really need to learn how to do it to get the last chunk of the mural lol

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Tried a little bit today and I kept getting the gut punch that leaves the opponent standing :confused:

Any tips on what I should do as an opener? And to be clear, all I have to do is press every attack button one time?

Every opener, linker or shadow linker works.

The easiest way to do it is to press the button in the order, after something that leads to an auto double.
LP > MP > HP > LK > MK > HK for example.
Don’t mash, you have time to do the inputs. Let TJ punch the opponent one time then do the next button. In the order I say (you can do whatever you want, that’s up to you), Tj should do : Jab to the head > Hook to the guts > Uppercut > Jab > Body Hook > Ender (a powerful blow to the head)

In training, you can activate the option to see your inputs, that may help you to see what you did wrong. And yes, basically, you have to do every normals in a row.

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Awesome, thanks man!

correct, your probably getting the gut punch due to mashing buttons…which means if you press any button more than once (trying to make sure you get it in during the window) you will drop it and get the gut punch. basically that means you messed up.

so either you repeated a button in the rotation or you pressed a certain button twice

try to do it really slow like - opener - Auto double - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

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So Opener, the first auto double, then all of the moves or does the first auto double count for one hit? Lol I think that might be where I messed up

yes…you need to do the 1st auto double first to make it easiest IMO

basically you have to do the 1st AD so you can cancel out of it and into the auto barrage.

I havent done it in a while…Ill have to check tomorrow

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Right, the auto barrage only uses one hit of the auto double, essentially turning it into an auto “single”. What auto barrage does is replace the second hit of your auto double with the first hit of another auto double. I don’t play TJ that much so I’m probably not that much help here.

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Alright I think I understand a bit more now, thanks guys! Ill see if I can get the hang of it sometime today :slight_smile:

I’ve stuck in this trial as well, I’m sure I’m doing it right (at least the animation looks like). I need to do it on all enemies? I need to do it as an ender of a combo (with full meter)?

My auto barrage starts with Flying Knee then HK, HP, MP, MK, LK, LP. Ends with 7 hits.