Help please! Send me your Hisako footage!

I’m making a Hisako video for Halloween and I thought it would be fun to feature more than just my Hisako and make a little collaboration out of it. It’ll be made like a combo video but hopefully more spooky. The music will just be Hisako’s theme. I’m aiming to make a community Hisako video so anyone can join!

I’m looking for just about anything in terms of footage, just as long as it’s in HD. 60 frames would be a plus too but 30 frames is fine. You could send me footage of Hisako tech, a great comeback, a good match that you played or played against another Hisako; just about anything as long she is being played by someone. If people do start sending over stuff then I’ll make the deadline for that on the 20th (one week) so that I don’t have to add in anything after I get all of it together. I will definitely give you a shout out in the credits as well for helping!

I don’t mind how the footage is sent, just whatever’s most comfortable. I’ll take a YouTube link, a program like Dropbox or Megaupload would be fine, PM me a link, anything as long as it’s reasonable.

If there’s any questions please ask because I’m sure I missed a few things.


@Marbledecker Dude! I know you have some great Hisako tech! Maybe you can get some other people to partake in this? I don’t have much Hisako tech and combos. Just Jago stuff. Lol

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Absolutely! The whole reason is for other people to join in! You don’t really need tech or combos at all, just as long as you play Hisako or you play against one!

Oh. But I’m mostly friends with most of the Onryos (Hisako Players). I’ll try and get you the videos that you need!

That would be a big help! Thanks a bunch!

@Marbledecker, @R1stormrider, @LEboueur, @STORM179, (Even though I know you are a Boss Sadira Player) @Samish02, See If you can help our fellow KI player with some Hisako videos! Feel Free to add more people that play hisako, and tell them about this thread!


how do i make a replay into HD? all i got are replays off my xbox that i will upload and then post to my youtube account

It automatically becomes HD. I have most of my videos on my Video Manager that say HD that came from Uploading to Youtube from Xbox One.

Don’t have a youtube or anything to upload these to, but here’s me running into Rebelo a while back in Ranked. Kinda funny how basic my Hisako was then :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Have a good fight of me vs One and Only’s Omen as well. Have to actually get that one into upload studio.!3883&authkey=!AGt75zaVebmrdz4&ithint=video%2Cmp4


I’m down for the cause :smiley:

Let me see what I can dig up in the next day or two!

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here is my colaboration

1 Hisako Vs Sadira epic match

2 Hisako vs Cinder epic match

3 Hisako vs Glacius

4 Hisako vs Omen

5 Hisako vs Aganos Epic comeback 0% health

6 Hisako vs Aganos Combeback 2

7 Hisako vs Jago double ultra

8 Hisako vs Sabrewulf insane combo

9 Hisako vs Jago the end is amazing a crazy lucky comeback


Hey thanks for tagging me
Here are the videos I can provides:

Some of my best games during august (where I got my “pro star”)

And these ones were really tricky:

(best come back ever)

(booooring, but in the end so satisfying!)


I’ll be able to dig up some more soon… but for now, here’s a little ditty I like to call “Ragequit Gumbo”:!144&authkey=!ANUJbYFSoTdtm9g&ithint=video%2Cmp4

And here’s the “Osaka Shimmy”:!145&authkey=!AKqkW0PpRthHZHE&ithint=video%2Cmp4

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@dare7710 I’ll see if I can create some Awful, Day 1 Hisako combos for you too. LOL I’m still practicing, OK? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You’ve already helped out so much, thank you! And no worries, any footage is appreciated!

Oh Don’t worry, I’m not done helping yet! Stay Tuned! :wink:

EDIT: (Next one you do is a Jago one. XD LOL)


It’s going to be fun to see Hisako and Kim Wu in matches

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@TheNinjaOstrich @Quancro @STORM179 @Marbledecker Hey guys! So I’ve been working on the video and it’s been fun so far but it takes a huge toll on my computer because of everything going on in the project. It’s gonna take a bit longer because of that, but I’ll make sure it’s out on Halloween. I just wanted to show you guys part of what I have done so you can see what’ll be like and make suggestions if you think anything could be done better or anything like that. Thanks again for providing footage and helping me out! :heart:


Love it! Nice work! I’ve got some more footage, should you feel you need it, but what’s there is awesome on its own! :grinning:

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No problem! I’m glad I could help get the videos you need. I did promise anyways. :blush:

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