Help on knock down

Whenever I play Kan ra the moment I’m knocked down I’ve almost gurantee lost the entire match simply because I can’t escape pressure and I’m bad at breaking just form lack of experiance with the cast, manuals, and specials. So aside from breaking the combo, are there any options KanRa has after being knocked down in the corner?

If you have Instinct, you can try to predict how the opponent will pressure you and use the Sandsplosion. If you don’t, you’ll just have to block and hop your opponent makes a mistake, either jabbing out with his slower than average normals or hoping to get a throw and escape.

Is crouching light punch at least a worth while punish tool for unsafe blocked specials?

Not really in my experience. You could try Shadow Whirl on wakeup, works for jump-ins at least. I’m no expert, mind you

Shadow whirl has been my go to. But it gets stuffed a lot so not the most reliable.

Shadow whirl is great against much of the cast, but there are a few characters that will stuff it cold. Shadow Jago, for example, will slice right through it with j. heavy punch. You just have to learn the exceptions.
If you have a sand trap down somewhere on the board (and I recommend that you do as much as possible), sandsplosion will beat out just about anything in the game and get you out of Dodge fast. The usefulness of this move cannot be overstated and you don’t have to wait to be under dire pressure to use it.
Beyond that, my recommendation is to become very good at dashing. This is where you have to learn to read your opponent, but if you read them well, you can dash out of pressure in a jiffy.

Try to keep sand on the floor at all times to escape also just plAin blocking works great. Also jumping straight up with his heavy punch works. But it all depends on how good you read the other guy.

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Vs Shago, I’ve been successful with a well-timed db+HP whenever he tries to cross up with j.HP. Same goes for Jago’s j.HP.

If I have instinct and meter, popping imstinct and going into shadow whirl can counter most jump ins and cross ups as well. You may have to move while whirling to guarantee a solid hit and not a trade.

@Harlequin969 How’s that KD game coming along? Have any of these posts helped out?

By adding on some tech I saw from Cstyles, which is using the sand ender into flip out, I almost always have sand out and my blocking has gotten better. So yeah I’d like to think you guys have helped me out a lot

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