Help me with run cancels!

And what I mean by that is, I need help understanding exactly what it is I should be doing. I know how to do them, but when I see Bass and Raven play this character they are doing it a lot more and efficiently. The only run cancels I really use are Standing heavy p - run cancel - grab and standing heavy kick - run cancel - into crouching attack or grab.

What else can I do or should I be doing with this ability of Spinal’s? I want to really learn how to take advantage of these but just don’t think I know the best way to do it and it’s hard for me to watch and learn from those two because it happens so fast I can barley make out what is happening lol

This spreadsheet shows the frame data for Spinal. In the normals section I have included extra columns which show the frame advantage on hit or block that his normals grant when run cancelled.

If you want to find combos or true blockstrings you need to perform moves where the “manual” value (which on this sheet is how long it takes a move to actually come out and is just startup+1) is equal to or less than the advantage given.

If you want to find frame traps or resets (although doing a run cancel reset mid combo would be quite inefficient IMO) the opposite is true: make sure than the manual value is greater than the advantage.

I made a guide on run cancels back on the old forums and thought I’d lost it there but I found a copy saved on my computer (I made a backup of something and planned ahead?!) so I will post that up soon, I need to remove a few references from s2 such as to unbreakables but should have it up in a few days.

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Awesome, thank you! I don’t quite understand frame data all that much yet (Outside of + is positive/safe on block and - is negative/unsafe on block lol)

Looking forward to seeing that guide you mentioned as well!

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