Help Me Win for the Forums!

Ok, guys. A few of you know i recently moved to Montana, where KI is not played in tournaments. But it is being represented as a side event in our big tourney this Fall. I want to win. Period. I know i could. I need a few dedicated people to train with me EFFICIENTLY this whole month. Make me a worthy representative of the forums for montana, and i will of course spread the word about KI and the forums around the venue.

Lets get moving. I have a few hours tonight. Who’s up first?


Cool man! GOod luck! I might get on in a bit…but I will def be one everyday this week from 5-7pm central time. Hit me up then or Ill see you on line and invite.

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I would like to help, but what if we have too much lag? Offline is another story…However I fought my matches and analized them later just to have answers that I would apply to offlline =)
If you want just add me GT: Maru MDQ (I’m also spending some time with my boyfriend now, he plays Omen, Jago, Orchid and Kim Wu). I play mainly Wulf.
Best of lucks in the tourney! =D

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I’m more then happy to help! If you ever need some assistance just hit me up. Either way good luck with your training and tourney eventually. I might be on tonight, in not I’ll most defiantly be on during most nights.

I play a bunch of underpicked characters like Kilgore, RAAM, Eagle, Arbiter and as well as Jago and some of Spinal if you ever want some MU experience against those characters. I would say I’m a mid rank killer, in no way tournament worthy but Ik much of the fundamentals and how to play my characters effectively. My user name is the same as my forum name

Good luck at the tourney!! :grin::+1:

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Hit me up. I’ll play with you.

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