Help me in Shadows

I’m trying to get 100 matches with a character. If you have time fight my Shadow Jago please! Gamertag: Tedakin. I will return fights! Thanks.

I’ve always wondered. How does the win lose ratio get tallied? When I see the offline shadow action I find that my guy is beaten. When I do a revenge battle the guy that beat me has a win lose ratio of 0/0 as if the first win against me.didnt even count. My theory is revenge battles goes back and forth until someone gets whooped and looses a.revenge battle and that is what the win loss ratio counts. Is that right?

Your Shadows W/L is not affected by any match in which you are controlling the character. The ratio is only affected by the Shadows independant performance against humans. So, if I look you up, fight your Shadow and lose, your Shadows win will go up one, but I will not gain a loss.

I’m not actually sure if appearance in the Shadow Survival ladders counts or not… I don’t think it does, but I don’t have any concrete information or data to back that notion up with. :sweat:

I think it does. I haven’t played in the mode in any hardcore fashion in a while, but iirc even when you “lose” or “win” in survival, it counts. For sure if you win or lose in survival, a revenge match is generated.

Oh, groovy. If a revenge match is definitely generated, then I must assume it also affects the W/L. Very good, very good.