Help Me Beat You! Tusk MU Thread

New player here (going on two weeks). Starting off with Tusk and am hovering around 650 at Gold right now. I even got up to 991 but then plummeted. The Glacius MU is really hampering me and I’m wondering what more can I do in this match up to improve? Here are my questions.

-I’ll often have a Glacius go Hail then throw out the jumping ice lance (?) then shatter. I feel like there’s almost no way for Tusk to get inside that. I’ll often try to dash-slide but feel like I just get hit out of it with either Hail or Shatter. If I try to time jumping over Hail I’ll often eat Ice Lance. Only way I feel like is if I can get in early and stay there. The second I get knocked out it’s a long day at the office.

Any thoughts as a Glacius player of what worries you when playing Tusk players? Thanks

Absolutely not. I refuse to lose to you. F*** you, go home.

Just kidding, don’t worry :wink:

Really you just have to be patient. Once you block a hail at midscreen, you can punish him if he tries to do it again. Learn to react to shatters with spirit step and jumps. Also use jumping MP because it’s very tricky for Glacius to anti-air.

Honestly the thing I worry about most when fighting Tusk is deflect, though that’s not exactly a matchup related thing :unamused:

Yeah it’s a tough matchup but patience is the key as @SonicDolphin117 says. Glacius’s pokes and hail do very little damage so eat that all day if you have to choose that or shatter. One of the big challenges you have is that Tusk wants to be at mid range, and despite been called a zoner Glacius is also a mid range character. So you need to be patient. Tusk’s jumping mp is good in this matchup. If you have meter you can use this and go directly into a shadow shoulder on landing and combo. So something that can be useful in the matchup.

It can be hard but remember to avoid Glacius’s non shatter combos as much as possible don’t get locked out and be patient. Tusk can comeback against anyone with his massive damage. You just need one or two opportunities.

Haha, thanks for the tips guys. Will keep working on it! I still feel like if I sit in medium range blocking the Hail I’ll just eat the shatter for free since I’m so stationary, no?

Theres some stylish combos you can do with him with instinct