Help KI PC slow

Help the problem is that i can play the game but it is slow
can you help plz? I got Windows 10 64 bit graphic card amd radeon HD 6370 thx

Is it the Mobile version of the graphics card?

What processor do you have?

How much RAM?

processor:AMD E2-3200 APU with radeon™ HD graphics 2.GHz
And its a desktop computer

You may need to drop the resolution and turn effects off to pass the benchmark. Your computer is right around if not under minimum requirements. - Scroll to bottom for minimum requirements

dropping the resolution in the game or the computer?

Should be in game. I didn’t have to do any of this so I didn’t pay attention.

alright imma try

still slow :frowning:

Probably a issue with your hardware and the requirements, not much you can do beyond upgrading.

i see thx anyways

As a last resort, see if resetting the PC helps. You might just have too much crap at startup, hogging resources. But if you do, make sure to backup your stuff first.

Try these.

Im not sure with your set up, but it may not be able to run it. Check out and see if your rig meets the minimum requirements. its usually a case of video cards but it doesnt hurt to check.