Help: how to stop the Teleport kick

just to be clear, I’m looking for a means counter the teleport kick. I’m not looking for nerfs, or saying that he is OP. Because any fighter in KI has a weakness to them. I’m asking because I’ve had this happen to me several times. My opponents who have used shadow jago have pulled these on me before. Any tips about the teleport kick will be welcomed.

The characters I main are Riptor, Sabrewulf, and Glacius. Any tips on how these three can counter the teleport kick would work.

-thank you.

Just block it. He’s like -25 on block.

If he surges it, check him with a jab. He’s -3.


I always low block when that activates


This. Good Shadow Jago players will realize this and try to mix-up their attack patterns. Anti-airs can work too, as long as you time it just right.

With Wulf, can just eclipse on reaction to him disappearing for the divekick. If your reactions are on point, can likely do the same with Glacius (though you’ll autocorrect to cold shoulder if he crosses up your inputs).

I think “just block it” is kinda of an iffy proposition sometimes, but it will ultimately be your best bet for most of the cast. If you can manage it Shago is hella negative after, so it’s pretty easy to get a max damage punish on him for going for it.


The simplest solution is to try and use pattern recognition to see if he likes crossing up or not, and identify when he usually uses it. Once you identify their pattern, block appropriately. It’s a little difficult, especially if you can get panicked and don’t calm down to watch the pattern. Some player will crossup with the move and force you to block the wrong direction a lot, but some will train you to block one pattern, only to feint and fake you out. Each Shadow Jago player is different in how they use his tech.

However, individual character punishes for the characters mentioned.

I was just testing this before you replied. Sabrewulf can use eclipse to knock him out of dive kick, but you have to get a specific timing. Usually the hitbox is big enough to nail him either on crossup or non-crossup, but the timing needs to be a little later, like after Shadow Jago is in the air, which is usually on par with reaction time. Doing it sooner will cause the active frames of the attack to miss. Shadow Eclipse is unbeatable no matter the timing, but the sooner you do it, the less hits you’ll get out of shadow eclipse. If you do it too soon, you may only get 3/5 hits to connect instead of all five, but for the invincibility, it may be worth it to change the momentum.

Couldn’t really find anything reliable with Riptor.

With Glacius, you have the ultimate dodge. LIQUIDIZE! On reaction, you can liquidize and divekick will whiff. IMO, puddle punch is not ideal as it requires a guess to get the input correctly, otherwise on a crossup, like @STORM179 said your input may trigger cold shouder. Liquidize takes the guesswork out of the matter, has fast startup and good recovery, and against a whiffed divekick, puts you in great position. The window is fairly open and leniant, but it can get confusing because Shadow Jago may change sides with Glacius, and in puddle form, you may not realize it until after you come back up. Since you can control and travel in a direction with liquidize, you may be able to flip the game on your opponent with a little skill, which is only enhanced in instinct mode.

From a distance, as in there’s no chance for a crossup, all of them have an air move that will flyswatter Shadow Jago in the air. At crossup range though, air to air isn’t advised.

That’s the best I can give.

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Dunno that I’d recommend liquidize. Glay is punishable when he’s coming up from it, and Shago has virtually no recovery from teleport divekick on whiff. I haven’t labbed it so can’t be 100% sure, but based on what I know of both moves pretty sure Shago will be at advantage if you liquidize under his divekick.

Getting cold shoulder isn’t actually bad at all. It becomes active fast, is a grounded special (and so will beat divekick in a trade scenario), and if done too early will most likely just get you the space you want with Glacius anyway.

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All of these sound like good tips, thanks :slight_smile:


Jumping out can work too. Even if you get hit, all he’s getting is a soft knockdown and a little damage, and he may have wasted meter on a surged divekick.


My plan of action as Sadira. Worse he can do is knock me out of the air. I dodge most of his attacks, but that certainly isn’t applicable to all the cast.

He’s technically vulnerable on startup too, as he only has projectile invincibility going down into puddle form. Even when timed right, and liquidize dodges the whiffed divekick, the Shadow Jago player can mash cr.LP for a hit into opener or chain. However, in Instinct, since liquidize moves really fast, if you hold down a direction, Glacius does travel outside jab mashing range in either direction.

I guess if the opponent isn’t expecting it, or trained to counter it, liquidize isn’t a bad option, but if they get wise, perhaps they can mash for a confirm.

But after testing it, cold shoulder doesn’t always beat out divekick either. Depending on which version of divekick they use, and the timing of it, getting the wrong input and using cold shoulder can get you hurt too. The reason behind that is using weaker light and medium divekicks at point blank range for the mixup game, it seems like Shadow Jago comes in just above Glacius attack box on cold shoulder.

But it does in hindsight seem like a better option than liquidize. Usually, Glacius just goes under him on whiff and is out of range for most counterattacks on Shadow Jago’s part, or the input is guessed correctly and you get an anti-air hit. There is a small chance though Shadow Jago’s divekick can win clean at JUST the right angle, but it’s difficult to reliably hit it.


Riptor can shadow tailflip or if you have a read on him use run back hp. She may be able to flame mortar to counter it though it may trade. And if it’s not surged the trade would favor shago due to the stagger so you might have to lab it.