Help get the last Achievement

I have 99% unlocked. Only 1 left. Help me get 100% before Season 3 launches!

I need my Shadow to have 100 fights. Right now he’s around 60.

If you have a moment please add me… Tedakin on Xbox Live… and fight my Shadow Jago Shadow. I will return fights!


FYI, offline fights count towards the achivement.

Even more, you can just put easy and finish the cpu really fast. Or you can put it in Kyle and simply rematch without fighting while you navigate.

But if you want to have fun forget all I said :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I missundertood the OT, forget this xD

So if I fight my own shadow, that counts as a fight?

That’s almost the same situation as me, I have every achievement except that and some achievements for survival mode.

Not sure, I only used Aganos and Omen against shadows, and both had all the achievements previously.

I can say it works in a player vs cpu match. Surelly shadows work for this too

EDIT: I missundertood the OT, forget this xD

If you dont want to play 100 matchs with a character you dislike, just play against Wulf or Thunder in max difficulty. 50 seconds each fight more or less, if you constantly rematch its around 90 minutes for a character from the begining

EDIT: I missundertood the OT, forget this xD

I don’t get how that works in ShadowLab. My Shadow has to have 100 fights.

Yeah, elaborate on this more please. I am missing this cheevo as well.

I my god, my terrible english attacks again xD

I misunderstood you guys. I though you was reffering to the achievement “fight 100 matchs with shadow Jago” instead the one you speak. Sorry, totally my fault, forget all I said.

As a tip for the shadows achievement, my method was fight against everybody who defeated my shadow recently. Then, the owner of this shadow will get the same notification, and luckilly will challenge you again. If he defeats your shadow, you can rematch his shadow again, then he will rematch you, and so…

With this method, you can get the achivement pretty fast.

Hah yeah I was so confused. Thanks for clearing that up.

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Haha, yeah, sorry about that. I just edited my posts to avoid further confusion

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you could check out the Shadows friends thread

A few folks there play Shadows often, you can just add them and challenge their Shadows, maybe they’ll respond back, maybe not.

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There are still some of us who play fairly regularly. I think many people are taking a hiatus until S3 comes around since we will all most likely have to retrain our shadows when the updates hits. But yeah, @Tedakin, add me, and I’ll give your shadow a beating… :smile:


Just play a ton of Shadow Survival, like a lot. Do it over and over. The more shadows you beat the more fights your shadow will get because people will try to avenge their shadow’s loss.

I can challenge it though, Shadow Lab is pretty much all I do if I am not playing online.

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I’ve got you bro!

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Adding you. My GT is Woopay.

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