Help - Full Auto Barrage

I only have one challenge left for both murals - TJ’s Full Auto Barrage. Does anyone know how to perform?

You have to do an opener and then auto double, but as sooner as you posh the auto double button you have to interrupt it with another button and the you tap the other 4 buttons, I suggest you start with HP or HK add they’re slower so they’re easier to interrupt. Go in sequence HP, MP, LP, HK, MK, LK.

That should generate 6 hits plus your opener so 7 hits.

I recommend you try it in training first, shouldn’t take very long to nail, then do it on your first oponent in story.

I played story mode on medium and it never got broken.

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Oh and if Combo Assist is on,you have to hold back.

Thanks! - I’ll give it a try.

Check one of the many HELP WITH ABARRAGE THREADS

Ive posted in all of them how to do it easily. Please search the threads before creating a new one.

the trick is dont mash the buttons…slowly one button at a time

I finally figured it out with some of these ppl’s help, like they say try it out in the dojo a few times, might not succeed everytime, but play on beginner and just spam the move the whole time, will at least work once a match. Its how I got it.

I only need to finish the game on hard with Aria, which I totally dont feel as a character, she is completely different from everyone else, and I always have trouble figuring out which stance I’m in and which move that means I can use :frowning:

so you can’t do HP, MP, LP, HK, MK, LK fast at all? I like to piano my buttons… PS, I haven’t tried it yet but this is juice!

NO, do not do it fast… just count it out slowy like a slow set of manuals.

Opener, auto double then 1-2-3-4-5…in order from whatever AD you used.

Its really easy.

i was just thinking about the same, how on earth do you activate auto barrage?