Help for beating Gargos

Hi Guys,

I am currently struggling to beat Gargos on Shadow Lords I managed to defeat 4 omens and with all 3 characters (Jago, Kilgore and Riptor) I just kept getting combo,ed to death (Couldnt manage to Combo Breaker anything only with the Ram Guardian) and the Omens were pretty tough to deal with just by themselves also.

If anyone has any tips on how to defeat Gargos and the Omens on the Normal difficulty, Please suggest because trying to farm Astral Gems reliably on this is incredibly slow. I dont mind farming them but to have this level of difficulty basically strip you of all your resurrection scrolls and healing scrolls to have by the time you have 900 gems you have to buy more healing packs just to “prepare” to fight Gargos.

After spending about 3hrs doing Shadow Lords completly and ending up with barely 1000 Gems is pretty depressing…

Many thanks to any who reply.

Before you attempt a play through on normal you must first stock up on as many high tier items, guardians, and gems as possible. I recommend playing on beginner and not using any items and just farming and getting use to fighting Omen and gargos.

Also I highly recommend using either tusk or Eyedol. Tusk cannot die no matter what throughout your entire playthrough (except on Gargos battle) and eyedol completely ignores omens fireballs and gargos minion attacks. I personally would not use Kilgore in this fight due to boss gargos being extremely aggressive and will block most of everything you dish out.

Thanks for the reply,

I will do that and try to farm some items can i ask how the hell do you Combo Break on Omen without Ram Guardian ??? Everyttime i try to perform a combo breaker it never happens and Omen just continues doing a 30+ combo regardless…

I recommend using combo breaker training or go to the dojo and pick Omen and see what his auto doubles look like. For omens kick linkers the way you can tell them apart is if his kicks are slow they’re light whereas if they’re really fast they’re heavy.

Since they fix the crashing you can farm now you should stock up on items guardians and gems and make sure you beat the omens as well now find characters that can beat Gargos with no trouble using the ram and snake guardian is the best.

The Omen’s give you the most gems. The best way to farm is like this. Start game, pass the days until you get an omen, and beat him. Pass days until the next omen, and beat him. Start new game and repeat. You will get more gems from just passing days and fighing Omen’s than any other way. If multiple Omen’s show up on the same day, then just pick one “unless you have the skill to beat more than one”.

Thanks! I will farm the gems this way ! :slight_smile:

I would also say to get a few guardians especially the Fractured Ward (Armor) and RAM, they help me against Gargos and Omens quite a bit.

Hisako’s Influence loop is probably the most effective thing in Shadow Lords. Coupled with FW, its gives you armor so you can recover if you made a timing mistake. Coupled with Snake, you can pile up the damage pretty easily.
Also small exploit-ish. Opener-ender will trigger the Guardians if it is the requirement. So for example with the Bat, you would be able to build a little bit of PD with opener-ender AND start the timer on the Guardian. Which means your next hit starts getting you resources back and depending on your character, its over quick.